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  1. If you want to just link to a video, you can also just right click the video on YouTube and copy the address. When you paste it in the forum, it won't embed. Handy if you ever want to just link the text url
  2. Nope, I'm speaking as a legit customer, I just saw this post and figured I'd chime in my thoughts since you seemed worried. And don't flatter yourself, I didn't join TO respond to your thread, your thread just happened to be the first for me to reply to as a customer. You're acting like I'm attacking you, and all I've done is link you proof that the file is clean. Proof you can test against yourself. How is that suspicious of BrashMonkey at ALL? If you don't believe me test it yourself and stop with the conspiracy theories. Wait on an official answer from BrashMonkey. Like I said, they're good people and have always been helpful in the past and responsive, I'm sure they'll answer you "officially". But it's not exactly hard to find the solution yourself and test it against other software's with sites like Virus Total :/ I've had no intention other than to be helpful and friendly, once again, I'm sorry if I've upset you
  3. I forgot my post count/forum registration date means everything about my interaction with the company and history with them. Surely there's no possible way I've been a customer and had to communicate with their team before, right? Nah. *rolls eyes* As was said last time, the most they can do is contact McAfee about it. As a game developer myself though that's had software falsely flagged by McAfee in the past, I've found it's best for customers with active subscriptions to McAfee to get their attention, rather than third party developers. Just my experience. What am I trying to accomplish here? Inform another user that their software is triggering a false positive and there's no reason to be alarmed or paranoid. But if you're going to be rude, I'll move on. I'm sure someone official with the company can come along and say basically the same thing. Sorry to have upset you, that wasn't the intention. Best of luck PS: Providing proof that McAfee is fasley flagging it, by linking a report from 50+ other anti-malware software's doesn't make me any more wrong just because I only have two posts. You can try the test yourself. Or even try it against other software's. Your attacks against me are irrelevant.
  4. I'm a long-time customer that knows the software is legit. I read your post. It seems like non-sense paranoia with complete blind trust in a really awful anti-virus package. What are you wanting from BrashMonkey exactly? They already responded to your previous post about how it's a false positive and it's something McAfee needs to fix. What are you trying to accomplish here exactly? I'm sure someone from BrashMonkey will be glad to come in and re-assure you, I just don't understand why you're insulting people just because you don't like what they're saying (that there isn't drama to be had with the file, which seems to go against what you want here). There isn't really anything BrashMonkey can do to fix McAffee's broken software. Other than notify them, and even then, they can't control when or if it's ever fixed. You, as a user of McAfee, can actually file a false positive report that's sent to the developers. The more people that notify McAfee of it, the sooner THEY can reach out to you, their customer, and assure you it's clean and they'll fix the false positive. @Luck
  5. You're getting a false positive. McAfee WebAdvisor isn't perfect and reports false positives all the time, it's why I switched to a different software. Spriter is a trust worthy software and I've been using it for over a year with no issues. Here's the results of 50+ anti-virus scanners scanning the file (you're free to try it yourself), none report it as a virus: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/971bb2de3343ea57ddd78f499a6e2de20541cee0da8cc772f2c35f48b51c7396/analysis/ McAfee anti-virus and WebAdvisor are different products. Personally, I would avoid anything McAfee as there's actually a ton of studies showing that it's great for flagging things as a virus that's not, while completely missing actual threats. But it's not my place to tell you what to use. If you are curious about it, I suggest you do some Googling on the subject, there's cheaper (and even free) alternatives to McAfee that do a better job and don't flag legitimate software such as this scenario. Not sure what to say about "not trusting the download ever again" if one false positive shakes you up, though. The guys at BrashMonkey are trustworthy and good people, just because one scanner reports a false positive for you, doesn't mean they're out to get you or their software is infected. I would send it in to McAfee so they can figure out why it's triggering a false positive and fix it @Luck.
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