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The official Spriter User's Manual is here

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Hey Mike,

This first user manual looks great! I like its simplicity and design, and pics are super clear, so thank you for all your efforts! :)

Also if possible, please offer a downloadable version, either HTML or PDF, as I loose Internet very often these days, I downloaded all the manual page per page, and will certainly download every version of it as soon as it's available, so thank you again and keep up thank great work! :)

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Hello! So I just downloaded Spriter and its awesome! Already got some stuff going on here, but I do have a problem with Swapping Images, every time I right click on the Palette to swap something it asks me "replace selected sprite image" and then I swap and it swaps the image in ALL frames, not only in the one I am selecting. Thank you!

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Hi conradodesa,


If you go to any of the other key frames you can swap back to any image you want, including the original image... when you introduce an image swap into a key frame, by default the image is considdered swapped for the rest of the animation unless you go to the next key frame and swap back manually.


Mike at BrashMonkey


PS. This was a very strange place to post a question. Next time I suggest you post as a new post in the help section to make sure people see your question and answer it.

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I am trying to copy the individual pages over into Libre Office so I can make a hard copy of it for my own use but it is giving me problems when I try to copy it.

It looks very good. I usually have to copy the pages over one at a time and then print it out. Takes a long time.

Will there be one I can just download and print out so I will have it handy when I get lost ( as happens a lot with me.)?

Thanks, Ken

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Hi Ratbrite,


We don't have any current plans for a specifically printer-friendly version of the manual. Have you tried printing our online manual directly from a browser? I tied with Chrome in greyscale and it seems to do well, (not printing the background).  I just recommend printing in greyscale so that color ink isn't wasted on the blue menu at the top.




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