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Construct 3 Runtime Support for the Spriter Plugin.


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I highly appreciate the support for the Construct 3 plugin and fixing the most recent issue it had.

Although, there is a new important matter the Spriter Users of the Construct Community is in need of help. That is the support for c3runtime
The current Spriter Plugin only supports c2runtime, even though it is a Construct 3 addon. There are 2 runtimes available for the Construct 3 Editor. Those are, as previously mentioned, the c3runtime and c2runtime.

The c3runtime has been available for a reasonably long time now. And it has been proven to be very fast, some tests conducted observed up to 500% improvement in both calculations and rendering. And a lot are waiting for the numerous plugins from c2runtime to be ported to it, including the Spriter Plugin.

We would really appreciate for the support if Brashmonkey could port the Spriter Plugin into c3runtime.


C3 SDK :: https://www.construct.net/make-games/manuals/addon-sdk [+Full Drawing Editor & Runtime]

Request Link :: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-2/general-discussion-17/spriter-c2-spriter-2-teaser-53263/page-121


Thank you in advance.
- Chad

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I would also like to inform that the C3 SDK has some interesting features that you might like to use. Those include,

  • Editor :: Preview. Draw and Preview plugins on the editor. Potentially can be useful for showing and previewing the initial animation/frame of the Spriter Plugin even while on the editor.
  • Custom Importer :: Drag files to import into Construct 3 and make events, objects, instances, container and families automatically like on Construct 2.
  • Drawing :: The C3 SDK already had drawing features available on the  initial release. So, by now, it is stable enough to be supported. And a few already made use of it.

There are probably a lot more. But I recommend you guys checking it out yourselves.


Thank you in advance.
- Chad

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