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Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hi Everyone,


As you might have noticed, we've upgraded to a totally new forums system.  The migration seems to have gone off without a hitch, but there's the possibility that if you posted during the 30 minute window in which we were migrating that your post ended up in the old forums and didn't make it over here. 


For anyone with a missing post, for a limited time you can actually access the old forum by going here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/forumOLD and copy the text from your post so you can easily repost it into the new forum.  If this is required I apologize for the inconvenience.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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I, too, am digging the new forum software, in general, but I've come across a few (possible) bugs:

1. I don't have permission to view attachments.

2. I tried searching the forums for "lua" (no quotes), and it refused to perform the search. I know you want to reduce server load, but there are lots of useful search terms – like "lua" – that are "4 characters or fewer". At the very least, some exceptions should be made.

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New forum is terrible, randomly says


"Sorry, you don't have permission for that!"

And that i dont have rights visiting this forum and some error 2000

So i cant see forums , now its working but i have to type fast cause it wont work soon again, please fix this permissions issue.

Its like that since week or so, i thouight its server issue but looks like its this new forum fault.

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