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Spriter B2 release


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Hello again everyone! Update Time.

As usual, remember this is still a beta version, and as such, backup frequently. If you're having no trouble with your current version, keep a backup of that before upgrading in case you run into any problems with the new version. Aside from whatever unreported bugs there are, we discovered some copy/paste bugs just before deployment, but elected to release now anyway in the interest of getting you the new features and not missing the deadline by too much.

The great news is, aside from minor things (like displaying the zoom level on screen), and some important but simple features (paste object to all keys), we're caught up to the alpha feature-set. What this means is we are no longer playing catch-up. It will only get more stable and useable from here now that we're spending less time trying to restore features, and more importantly, every public build from here on out will have at least one new pro feature.

Shortly after I post this I will be emailing everyone instructions on how to retrieve your pro-serial numbers. This will be our first wide test run of the distribution system, so if there are any issues or you don't receive your serial number (or all serial numbers if you ordered more than one), please email us at mail@brashmonkey.com and we'll sort it out as quickly as possible. If you ordered Spriter in the past day or so, during our transition to the new store, please give it until tomorrow afternoon if you haven't received your serial number yet.

The first pro features, which are in today's build are the IK-locking features that were a4.1. It was an experimental feature that wasn't on our original roadmap as a free or pro feature, and we decided we wanted to keep the basic IK features free, but leave the locking as a pro feature. We don't want to trick anyone into updating and removing this feature so we want to make it clear this feature is pro-only. You may continue to use a4.1 for free even in your commercial games, and we will continue to host a4.1 until we release Spriter B3, but we will no longer be supporting it. You can find the downloads for a4.1 in the B3 release thread in our forums. Finally, this is the last build where we will have public daily builds in our forums for the Windows version, so we can iron out the remaining bugs with the basic features.


    [*:2byz36u1]Canvas Copy/Paste is back.
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a bug that where Spriter inferred z-order from the ordering in the file. This works fine for Spriter generated scml, but I've since learned that some scml generated outside Spriter doesn't do this, so this should help anyone using converters, exporters, and generators other than Spriter
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a major performance problem with very large projects added a progress bar for slow loading projects (legacy projects or projects imported from a non-Spriter source that doesn't name every object)
    [*:2byz36u1]Added a button [...] for animation properties next to the play/fast-forward/etc buttons.(replaces right-click in the background of upper timeline which some users didn't find intuitive)
    [*:2byz36u1]Onion Skinning is back. Right click (and hold) to the right or left of the current time indicator in the timeline to set and adjust the forward and back onion skin time.
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a bug where exporting to png wasn't always showing a progress dialog
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed bug where menubar item text was getting 'highlighted' in black
    [*:2byz36u1]Middle click also scrolls in the view now (space bar shortcut also works for people who prefer it or have no middle button)
    new shortcuts
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a bug where you couldn't select or receive hover indications in other views for objects with 0 alpha in the canvas
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a bug where you couldn't turn objects back up from 0 alpha
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a crash associated with the 0 alpha problem above
    [*:2byz36u1]0 alpha objects now appear in nearly transparent while hovered to more easily select and manipulate
    [*:2byz36u1]Fixed a ui glitch that occurred when loading a project after one was already loaded
    [*:2byz36u1]Timeline shortcuts now work regardless of widget focus in the application
    [*:2byz36u1]IK Locking is Back (Pro Only)

Download Spriter B2:

If you wish to continue to use the older free version with IK locking, you can download it below:

Legacy a4.1 version

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Installed an activated Pro Features fine, thanks.

I have not used Spriter for a while now as I have been busy coding my games engine, but will be giving this a proper testing over the weekend as I need to start the character animations before I can carry on.

I'll be back! :)

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wow ik locking is awesome with this example

i didn't quite get the first feature

but i saw that the feature i "reported" in bugs isn't a bug ^^, about scaling child bones, well I understand why it's for pros but its kinda weird, you can use the bones to do the most basic thing, move two linked bones, but you can't scale them while it's as basic as the first thing.

All the others features are awesome too :P

High chances that i will buy Spriter later even if what i'm doing is pretty simple.

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