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  1. Listen to tombmonkey :p The defensive stance is very nice. I like the artistic style too it's very original to animate this kind of graphics !
  2. omg i think this required lot of work can't we see a making of ? lol or just the zip folder ? Just curious how many handdrawn pictures are there. I wont ever make so nice animation ^^
  3. he walks like a midget but your all ur characters have charism and style
  4. lol i like his dumb face this is nice
  5. its pretty good, he is living ! the backpack is not as good though how did u make the left leg bend ? (i think i know how but i can't explain it in english :x)
  6. with the gimp u load the first image, then all the others in layers (drag n drop) and then u export to gif its the fastest way i found, before i used others techniques
  7. yes i could do this too but it would differ a bit from the art style. " you might be able to do this within a game engine after the fact, by makign the shadow image a solid color and just using it as an alpa mash with which to display other images (the horizontal lines). But this is very advanced stuff." ah yes certainly i should ask on GMaker forums maybe But i'll try the technique Tombmonkey said with Gimp, if i find how to replace the green by the shadow (i guess i'll have to look into the layers and masks options) then i may use something similar with GimpScripter to apply to the 50 img of the PNG file. Btw if i use the .scml file directly later on i'll need to find a way with gamemaker, hmmmmmmmmm thank you for both ur answers.
  8. Hi, ty foryour answer but i have a lack of knowledge, do you mean I replace the shadow lines (the picture i uploaded) by the same picture in green or i fill the shadow lineart with green ? then i must find a solution to replace the green in every frame by the handdrawn shadow ? Ty if you help more and if anybody have another idea do not hesitate plz
  9. Hi, i'd like to make animated shadows but they should look like the one i linked. The problem is when i rotate them, it's weird because the lines are horizontal. I'd like to modify the form of the shadow without changing the "inside", the horizontal lines. If i could make an outline which i would rotate or move in the animation process, but with the inside not moving and totally fitting inside this outlined shadow, it would be great. Maybe with some transparency i could do this but for now i didn't find a solution. Is it now, or will it be possible in a near future ?
  10. the two orange guys are so awesome you made those with spriter or the other program ? o_0 the "circle" part of the last guy is so good, you added some perspective, some sort of 3D look with the same body part, just with spriter, nice
  11. Gamemaker studio plugin ok but what about older gm versions (8 and 8.1)? lol i bet i'm dreaming, i'll have to buy studio
  12. yes forgot to say thanks, i refer to this everytime i reuse Spriter after a little break (and don't remember to press B for bones)
  13. thank you and yes i agree, but i was very not confident when i saw the drawing on my PC, here it is http://www.noelshack.com/2013-19-1368385043-t-000.png and when i made the ears AND the head move together, it looked like a robot ! it's like magic, you don't make another drawing and it looks alive, that's so coooooool
  14. When i drew this, I didn't know how it would look if animated in spriter, so I tried it pretty quickly, didn't even bother to finish it, made few mistakes, didn't correct the details (like the ears) but it looks like very good IMO I'll have to redo it, to adjust the speed, and the size of the drawing too but here it is my game will have a 3/4 top down view (or even more from the top)
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