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  1. This is what i get if i import the scml file and try to open it via construct 2 back to spriter again . For some stupid reason win 8 seems to save everything in a temp file . But the temp file doesn't even exist. Could you please tell me what i am doing wrong? . Also , the animations aren't working at all. I do have the latest plugin for construct 2.
  2. I have tried numerous 2d "animation" apps and failed miserably using them .Since spriter came out i can easily set up any sprite using the fantastic bones system , I wish there were such an app for 3d model rigging . I have total control over my characters animations and i don't need to go to university to learn how to use spriter. So , thank you for giving us such a powerful app to work with. I am a digital artist and this little app has helped me numerous times when i wanted to create complex animations for comics , commercials or games development.
  3. just recieved my pro serial number and it worked like a charm . thank you very much :D
  4. When are you going to send the pro serial keys? . You stated that the keys would be sent out at the end of the month.
  5. and my shaman concept character sketch.
  6. The start menu for my upcoming ninja game. The off is spelled correctly for that japanese/chinese western type theme :lol: All the characters animations are being done with spriter.
  7. A concept sketch i made with mypaint for a horror game.
  8. The bones system is pure genius.Thank you :D
  9. The bones system is pure genius.Thank you :D
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