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    B4 Bug Thread

    Thanks for the reply lucid.
  2. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    1st post from me 24th July 2nd post from me 3rd August Still no reply to the question, really!?
  3. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    Is this a bug or by design?
  4. You can use multiple source folders, as long as the Spriter file is at a higher level than those, so it won't have to back up the tree to find the images. Here's an example of how two animations can share images while still having things neatly organised: /project/goon.scml /project/goon/body.png /project/goon/hand.png /project/tools/hammer.png /project/hero.scml /project/hero/body.png /project/hero/foot.png /project/tools/hammer.png Hey trummgottist, thanks for the reply. Yes sorry I understand that, what I mean is that if I set the paths to go back up to tree manually in Notepad, and then load that into Spriter B4 then it works perfectly, all images and keyframes. However when I then re-save the file inside Spriter, and look at the .scml in Notepad again it has changed the paths to read ".../" rather than "../../../" which means it doesnt load any of the images when opened again in Spriter. I am wondering if Spriter changing the paths upon save is a bug or a feature, as it does work when the paths are set manually.
  5. Ahh damn, thanks for the info on this lucid. With that said, then this means that I have to have EVERY animation for EVERY object that my character interacts with, actually IN the character .scml file - otherwise I have to re-rig the character from scratch every time I want a new animation. Is that correct? I have posted elsewhere (bugs forum) that when I tried to get around this by pasting the keys from each project (into a new project) and then manually editing the scml to "../../../file.png" to traverse paths to enable the images to load - then Spriter saves the paths as ".../file.png" meaning they don't work on next load. Is this a bug or a feature to stop us using multiple source folders? Something else I mentioned in another thread, is that with what you have said meaning the only way is to include all animations in one massive .scml file, then we need a way to move animations up and down the list in the Animations window. Having to have so many animations in one file means it is really important to be able to organise them and keep them in some sort of order to stop me going insane. Currently if I clone an animation, the new clone appears directly under it in the list and cannot be moved up or down so end up with a long unorganised list of animations which I have to waste time searching every time I try to find the one I want. Not productive at all. Last question, what is the rough ETA on 1.0 - is it this side of xmas as that is the window I am looking at for release for my game. Thanks for you time lucid, it's appreciated.
  6. The last couple of days I have been having problems when trying to use images from different folders within the same animation, and I am wondering if Lucid or BrashMonkey could confirm a few things for me. Here is the situation: I have a full character, animated with various animations, saved and working perfectly. I then make a new animation, which for example is a background with swaying trees, flying birds, a car goes past or whatever else random scenic animations I choose. Now, the problem starts here, as I want to literally place my pre-animated character into this scene and have him walk along the path, maybe interact with an object somewhere (sit on a bench for example) How do I do this simply? Is it even possible? I know I can place all the character images and all the background images in the same folder, but then I have to re-position, re-rig and re-animate my character every time I want him in a new scene? That can't be right. I have tried copying/pasting keys from the other file and then editing the new scml manually using file paths with "../../../file.png" in them, which works great the first time I load the file after editing the paths. But then if I save that again in Spriter it mangles the path in the scml to ".../file.png" when you save it so that the images don't load again the next time. Why can I not simply drag in or load an existing .scml to use within another scene, am I missing something? Also the "entitites" - I must be misunderstanding these, as I assumed they would be different "entities" within the animation - lets say a character and a vehicle which you want to animate getting in/out of. I thought it would be a case of dragging in my pre-done "character" entity, my predone "car" entity, and then off I go animating them together. However, when you add a new entity to an animation, they have their own timelines and you cannot make them interact as part of the same scene? What am I missing here? Hopefully something obvious as this is frustrating. Hope what I am saying is making sense, hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction. PS. Just realised I asked a related question back in march: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10599 How far off is being able to import existing scml files into a single new project - is this what I am after? If there is an existing way to do this other than manually recreating everything for each new animation (which seems ridiculous), please let me know! :)
  7. rIKmAN

    B4 Bug Thread

    I am trying to use images from different folders, but have been having problems. If I edit the .scml file in Notepad to read: ...then the file loads fine and loads all images. However when I then save this and look at the saved file in Notepad, it has been changed to: which then loads but all the images are missing until I manually edit the paths again. What are the plans with regards to multiple image folders, and using scml files inside each other (dragging a full character into another animation for example)
  8. I should be able to move animations up and down the list in the Animation Window. When I go to start a new animation by cloning an existing one, it appears directly under the source animation and cannot be moved, meaning it is hard to keep the list in any kind of organised order. CTRL+UP / CTRL+DOWN on the highlighted Animation to move it would be perfect.
  9. Ah that sounds good, I was worried I was going to have to load every image at startup like it does now (before character maps) - which would have been a huge problem in terms of memory management. I look forward to the guidelines you mentioned, keep up the good work!
  10. Can these character maps be changed/swapped realtime in our code, or are they all loaded with the scml at startup? What I mean is if I have a character with 1000 possible variations of clothes/armour/weapons/whatever, do I have to load every combination into memory when the scml is loaded (thus loading every possible character map/image), or can I define 2 character maps (normal/edited) and load the necessary images into the second character map as they are needed in the game in realtime? (thus only using 1 extra character map to load in new images for all combinations when they are needed) Hope that makes sense.
  11. Wow....for some reason the shortcut on my desktop was named B3....yet when I checked the About inside Spriter it was B2...no idea how I managed that! I've just upgraded and can confirm it works great, sorry lucid.
  12. This isn't a bug as such, but it is very annoying none the less. It seems that rotations are based off the pivot point you can set, but scaling still works from the top left? This causes issues when trying to scale an image up and down as because the scaling is done from the top left it makes the object slide out of position, rather than just get bigger "in place" as it were. Imagine a characters torso, which you want to scale up and down to simulate breathing. Currently when you scale it up, it slides out of position and goes out of place with the rest of the character. There may be a reason for this, and if it's something I am doing then I'm all ears on how to work around it.
  13. Awesome, can't wait :)
  14. Lucid, when you say the next feature is "likely" character Maps, how certain is this? I ask as from what you said in another thread Character Maps is the ability to change/hide images in realtime, and use the same animation skeleton for multiple characters (same skeleton, different images), and this is a feature I am waiting for in order to push on with my project :)
  15. These may have already been dealt with, but I have been really busy lately so not had time to keep up with the forums here. My main things are: Hitboxes / Collision Data This has been mentioned above, but a way to get the current width/height of the animation at it's current frame so we can then pull this data out and use it to write our own collision routines. ie. A character is 100x200, but halfway through the animation bends down to 100x100 - I need to be able to pull this data so I can deal with the new size in my collision code. Change Graphics in Realtime Imagine you have a character, who has an inventory full of clothes, armour, weapons etc, I'm talking hundreds/thousands here for the sake of argument. Now when the player decides to change clothes and get ready for a swim, we need to be able to switch out the "standard" plain character legs, and replace them with some shorts. I know we could load every single possible graphic and "hide" them until needed, and then show them when they are selected, but this is not a workable solution when (a) there are thousands of possible permutions and (b) I am working with mobile devices with limited memory. Is this possible? Is this planned? Am I making sense? lol! I do have more but I'm away from my home computer at the moment and that's where my list is.
  16. Installed an activated Pro Features fine, thanks. I have not used Spriter for a while now as I have been busy coding my games engine, but will be giving this a proper testing over the weekend as I need to start the character animations before I can carry on. I'll be back! :)
  17. @MikeHart It's nothing to do with Spriter, or your book, but more your attitude in the post, and it wasn't only me that called you on it so I'm not imagining it. I would have also called you on it if it happened on any other forum I use, but I notice you are super polite and helpful on the Monkey forum...how strange...got a book to sell there have we? I bought the software late through the website too, and I voiced my opinions on what I was disappointed with and what I wanted as a paying customer - but not in the way same way you did with loads of attitude and rudeness where there was really no need. Have you read about why it's delayed, and why this "beta" is not to your very high standards? Would you prefer to have nothing to use until it got to official "MikeHart Approved" beta status? How is me saying your book had errors "mis-information" when you then say in the same sentence that it has errors, whether they are being fixed or not I was not lying - when I tried it it didn't work so I moved on. I could have contacted you or posted in public saying that "this book is rubbish", "how can you print a book that has errors in it, no code works" etc etc, but why would I? You have worked hard on it and who am I to come and start belittling your work in front of other potential users? The same way who are you to start belittling lucid's work, and if you do your homework you will see he has been through a painful injury since dev started. I didn't like your book, or fE so I moved on, I didn't leave a trail of bad karma behind me trying to put people off your book, I have better things to do. Also, calling me "kid"...because I have just started using Monkey, or again just to be argumentative and try to sound big and clever? Your reply just makes you sound like a dick - which as I said is a sharp contrast to the MikeHart from the Monkey forums (from what I have seen so far) who is polite, helpful, obviously a good coder and a seemingly decent guy. If you want to carry on, PM me as yes this is taking the thread OT, but don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. PS. I don't have any affiliation to Spriter, lucid or anything like that, I just don't like rude ignorant people, and I'd call out anyone who posted in the way you did which was uncalled for.
  18. @MikeHart Are you the same guy from the Monkey forums? If so I find your attitude a bit shit considering the amount of changes/fixes needed to the code in your book to make it compile. You should understand the pitfalls of coding, delays, bugs etc better than most. If you don't like it, don't use it - which is what I did with your book and I got it for free... I didn't come on your forums (if you have one) with an attitude telling you how bad I thought it was and trying to belittle your work. Yes there have been delays, problems and issues along the way, but Spriter has come on a LOT over the last month or so and is heading in the right direction now. Take a chill pill and come back when v1.0 is released. PS. If you're not the same guy then you still need to lose the shitty attitude, but ignore all the stuff about the book.
  19. Good work mate, especially the pivot point saving fix. I look forward to copy and paste, keep up the good work and enjoy the Easter Weekend :)
  20. Thanks for the in-depth write up lucid - I had no idea about any of that and have been dragging everything from the File Palette thinking that all new objects were instances of that image (ie. only loaded once into vram). Although this is a 1 time fix (the combine with...), will this need to be done every time a project is saved from 4.1a and loaded into the new version? I ask as I am still using 4.1a for my game, due to the lack of copy paste in the beta and if I'll have top do it every time I will just leave them until such a time when the beta becomes featured enough to be my main program of use. The "visor" example - this is not possible from within Spriter yet is it, its just a planned feature? I have improved the SpriterImporter code for my language to enable me to colour/alpha etc individual body parts, but its not as elegant as having it set from the editor, and then output a nice list of body parts (optional :)) esDotDev: Nice sprites! :)
  21. I am having issues with the Object Palette but I'm not sure how it is supposed to work, so not sure if it is a bug or not? It seems to be displaying way too many objects, for example 5 "head" images all the same, and they are all renamed to "object_001, object_002" etc and/or greyed out - when I only have 1 head in the scene, and showing in the Z-Order and Hierarchy windows. I thought it might be displaying ALL objects from EVERY keyframe, but I only have 2 keyframes in the animation, so it's way too many for that too. It may be related to importing Spriter 4.1a projects, as all the names seem to renamed in the Z-Order and Hierarchy windows as well when doing this, but it does happen with new projects as well, but I can't reproduce it just yet. Can you clarify what it is supposed to show and how it is supposed to work? Also, make the File Palette the default selection upon program start. :)
  22. lucud, I assumed mine was the other pivot window / dual screen bug report, so I went ahead and tried the fix you posted. I can confirm that the window now appears fully inside the main screen, but the pivots still reset to 0,0 every time I set them.
  23. Excellent news - I have just purchased a licence! :)
  24. rIKmAN

    What's left to do

    Awesomeness! Licence purchase in 3...2...1... :) ADD: Licence Purchased, nice one guys! :)
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