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  1. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Well the wait time for Spriter 2 has been really long. Any estimated release date? For now I am just using free software called Dragonbones for my needs.Making errors in Spriter Pro is currently very unforgiving and takes long time to fix it. And Johndose is right. Instead of supporting engines which already have the software or feature they need support the ones which are quite popular but don't have the features that spriter 2 going to have. Also making sure spriter 2 with alchemist gonna be game changer to make people use them. It takes time to learn particular software and to master it takes much longer. Since time is money and irreplaceable people tend to stick with software which they already know. Maybe then your sales would increase and you will have easier time to do the rest. BTW, I am not sure people using unity will even bother to use spriter 2. They have anima2D as well as skeletal tool with the latest update. Maybe a waste of your time of making support of unity or maybe not. Its a gamble with unity. Same with other engines you mentioned. Also there are not much tutorials on everything you can do with your softwares like Pro motion NG or even spriter. Is it possible for you guys to make constant updates and show tips and tricks how to achieve cool stuff and how? Thanks! Well all the best to your team and hope you can deliver it. If it was an open source software just like Godot game engine then Patreon would be great platform to support you.
  2. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Hey was wondering why decide to make plugin instead of including those in spriter?
  3. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Please release the Godot support as soon as possible.It is the best 2D engine ATM for 2D games. There are more users of Godot for 2D games than unity at this time. GODOT vs Unity for 2D
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