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  1. good progress. set goals and try to meet them. right now got no clue how to use the alpha version of spriter 2. Its a total new software which is in dire needs of tutorials of how to use it.
  2. You can go to the properties tab and opt in beta and u can try spriter alpha. https://gyazo.com/4fd7e2f3a1d9c6649b3b6753bc51932d
  3. I will be just leaving this here. Its a comparison of what you guys achieved being earlier than spine. And what spine achieved being late than you guys and have become the industry standard. It would have been you guys who could become the leaders of this industry. Don't know what went wrong but it is what it is atm sadly. Companies ask do you know spine for jobs? No one asking how well I know spriter. People are forced to use spine to be able to earn from jobs using this kind of software for animation. Hope that changes with spriter 2. Eagerly and impatiently waiting for it. I think its
  4. I tried the alpha today. The interface was weird. I see no file or docks for layers and etc. Any reason to go for this kind of UI/UX design? Does it provide faster workflow?
  5. Do you have a tutorial series like the example but for spriter? Can you please make a similar udemy course? Alternatively any course like that available? I will buy it right away. https://www.udemy.com/course/spine-pro-a-complete-2d-character-animation-guide/
  6. here is ur reply to godot As you see its for hobbyists only who never want to earn or do anything professionally with Godot. I also myself spent 6 months on it. While the engine is awesome but to be able to make a commercial product with it you need to know the game engine architecture. So the picture tells it all. Yes it is awesome. yes it is open source. But when you don't get much help/resources needed to make what you want to make, then all those awesome stuff vanishes in thin air.
  7. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Btw will I be able to open spriter 1 files with spriter 2 right? I mean we got so many spriter projects saved on spriter 1. Also can you write detailed guide how to enable or disable weapons or trigger effects on spriter 2 animated files in unity? Example : Say i have a player who can switch weapons. I want idle animation with weapon and w/o weapon. Play sound effects when i fire gun. Play slash sound etc. Or maybe enable weapon if I find certain weapon and now the Idle animation and other animations are all with that gun/weapon holding in the players hand. Also how many feature
  8. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Also, you mentioned that you will be releasing official unity support on release of spriter 2? Do you still plan to do that? After using Godot for long, I realized unity is the to go engine for making any commercial games or freelance work due to the vast amount of resources available and help you get when getting stuck.Also, industry standard right now is UNITY/UNREAL engine unless you are just a hobbyist. I hope there will be unity plugin on release. I mean what is the use of making animation in Spriter if you can't export the skeletons and JSON data to that engine you are using. Also pleas
  9. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Will we be getting it this year or nope?How many more years we need to wait? Can you not get someone from community to help you guys? Example someone else to make detailed tutorials on how to use it or help you on code? There are also lot of affordable people to hire from fiver and etc websites.
  10. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Can you release spriter 2 already? Or you have lost interest in this software? Btw was wondering what happens when you at some point stop developing this software? Since its closed source no one else can access it.
  11. after doing as instructed the option in drop down menu to try spriter 2 has not shown up. Hope this such a long wait for spriter 2 will be game changing for us developers. Its been a long really long wait. https://gyazo.com/03644b3561803021a7767e57a92651a5
  12. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Well the wait time for Spriter 2 has been really long. Any estimated release date? For now I am just using free software called Dragonbones for my needs.Making errors in Spriter Pro is currently very unforgiving and takes long time to fix it. And Johndose is right. Instead of supporting engines which already have the software or feature they need support the ones which are quite popular but don't have the features that spriter 2 going to have. Also making sure spriter 2 with alchemist gonna be game changer to make people use them. It takes time to learn particular software and to master it ta
  13. Jonybir

    Spriter 2 FAQ

    Hey was wondering why decide to make plugin instead of including those in spriter?
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