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  1. I don't think we getting Spriter 2 anytime soon are we? How many years we will wait any ETA on it? Has it become a vapor-ware? Thanks for the hard-work but its been just too many times and years we been waiting for it. Version only after so many years. .How many more versions?Every 2 weeks we only get + version upgrade .now if we count by the version number releases, lets calculate when it will reach 1.0 releasese version. Hmmm in unknown future. Are you facing planning problems? Or real life is huge mess? Even an asset on unity asset store gets production faster tha
  2. well spriter 2 release was not possible in 2020. I wonder 2021 be the year to get it
  3. will we get spriter 2 this year though? I don't see many people giving feedbacks. Thanks for proving us updates. Keep on the hard-work. Hope more people gives feedback about it.
  4. Hmm idk I liked the original spriter pro Ui better. Lets see how it goes after you guys explain the software more on how to use it.
  5. There are lot of other funding and etc option to make things easier. Marketing and funding have changed lot since the time you guys released spriter. I am just mentioning these so we get spriter 2 soon enough to be able to use it. Good luck. BTW, I was wondering if the complete overhaul of UI does not work in user favour what you guys going to do? Reminds of my professor saying: "always design things for user not for yourself" .
  6. if we apply sound effect during animation in spriter 2, will we be able to use the sound effects directly in unity? Or redo the sound effects again inside unity? None the less good update. Keep it up. Btw why not apply for epic megagrant or something?
  7. good progress. set goals and try to meet them. right now got no clue how to use the alpha version of spriter 2. Its a total new software which is in dire needs of tutorials of how to use it.
  8. You can go to the properties tab and opt in beta and u can try spriter alpha. https://gyazo.com/4fd7e2f3a1d9c6649b3b6753bc51932d
  9. I will be just leaving this here. Its a comparison of what you guys achieved being earlier than spine. And what spine achieved being late than you guys and have become the industry standard. It would have been you guys who could become the leaders of this industry. Don't know what went wrong but it is what it is atm sadly. Companies ask do you know spine for jobs? No one asking how well I know spriter. People are forced to use spine to be able to earn from jobs using this kind of software for animation. Hope that changes with spriter 2. Eagerly and impatiently waiting for it. I think its
  10. I tried the alpha today. The interface was weird. I see no file or docks for layers and etc. Any reason to go for this kind of UI/UX design? Does it provide faster workflow?
  11. Do you have a tutorial series like the example but for spriter? Can you please make a similar udemy course? Alternatively any course like that available? I will buy it right away. https://www.udemy.com/course/spine-pro-a-complete-2d-character-animation-guide/
  12. here is ur reply to godot As you see its for hobbyists only who never want to earn or do anything professionally with Godot. I also myself spent 6 months on it. While the engine is awesome but to be able to make a commercial product with it you need to know the game engine architecture. So the picture tells it all. Yes it is awesome. yes it is open source. But when you don't get much help/resources needed to make what you want to make, then all those awesome stuff vanishes in thin air.
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