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  1. If you pre-ordered Spriter 2 here then you can use Spriter Pro and try the alpha of Spriter 2 at the same time on the same system. Only the Steam versions currently have that limitation, which won't be an issue once Spriter 2 is officially released, then it will be it's entirely own product on Steam. Spriter 2 is not abandoned. Edgar is and has been hard at work on it, but several factors including injuries from a previous automobile accident slowed down its development, especially in the past. A new alpha build should be released in the next several days and we try to release new builds
  2. Hi SoloCrowd. sorry for the inconvenience. If we never replied then either we never received your email or our reply got lost in spam filters. Please email me at mike@brashmonkey.com I'll personally help you out as fast and as best as I can . Did you purchase Spriter Pro here on our store, or via Steam, or via the Scirra or Fusion stores? If you purchased it here on our online store then it was with an old account or old email address. When you email me provide as much info as possible so I can find the record of your purchase.
  3. Unity support will be nearly from day one, but it's too early for any run times because the core features of Spriter 2 are not all present and fully integrated with the others.
  4. The plan is to support C3 as much as possible, but it's unsure if a C2 plug-in will be developed as C2 is being officially retired. I'll discuss it with Edgar when I get the chance.
  5. Ah, darn. I think the issue is you're using the draw self mode and importing the Spriter project form the get go in that mode, with a sprite sheet instead of individual sprites. I think maybe Construct does not create the collision sprites when you import this way. I'll have to check with Edgar. In the meantime, if you zip up the entire Spriter project and send it to me I can verify the problem and hopefully come up with a fast solution for you. of course I won't show or share your Spriter project with anyone. ig you want to, send it to mike@brashmonkey.com
  6. It should have been generated as a regular construct spriter with a name something like the nape of the spriter project followed by whatever name you gave the hitbox in Spriter. It is likely in a 'folder' (in the construct editor) with the other images that your spriter project uses.
  7. it wants you to create a clone of the entire project which does not use spritesheets. so that you can then load that project and from there generate your new sprite sheets. it's under File/Other file actions/Save as resized etc etc.
  8. Indirectly, yes. If you email me proof of purchase on Steam, including the exact amount you paid, I can give you a one time use coupon code to deduct that exact amount from the non=Steam version here on our store, so if you paid full price on Steam, you'd get the non-Steam version here for free using the coupon code. send the email to mike@brashmonkey.com
  9. This means you either did not get it from our store, in which case you need to find out/remember where you got it from, because that will change how you access the alpha of Spriter 2, or, you did get it from our store, BUT you missed the messages and emails a long time ago when we migrated to this new forum and store system. Do you remember which email of yours is associated with the actual purchase? (maybe the email address you has assigned to your paypal account at the time)
  10. Yes, make sure you are logged into your steam account which owns Spriter in a browser (not the Steam client program), and then go here: https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://steamcommunity.com/app/332360/discussions/1/2274827383917696444/
  11. Sorry that at the moment we can't offer any first part support for the Unity run-time or importer. We'll try to resolve that as soon as we can, but it might not happen until after the next few Spriter update builds are released. In the meantime, can you confirm you're using SpriterDotNet.Unity with the latest build of Unit and it's mostly working, but you can't find the way to completely pause animations?
  12. Hi thegodo. Unfortunately not yet. I know other Construct 3 users have contacted Scirra to appeal to them to update the C3 sdk soon, but we've not heard back from Scirra themselves about it.We'll contact them again soon if we don't hear back in the next few business days. Thanks for your patience, it's frustrating for us to. Not only do we want to provide excellent value and service to C3 users, but I'm also using it with Spriter myself f or several personal projects.
  13. Hi thegodo, sorry for the inconvenience. 'a dead end'road' is a colorful expression, but unfortunately not very clear in this context. Does it mean the link to the page itself is blocked or broken for you, or that the download link on the page is broken for you or something else? Did you but Spriter Pro of the Spriter 2 pre-order from us directly, or did you get it by some other means like the scirra store, the Click store, Steam, etc? If you purchased it here, and are logged into the forums with the account that purchased it, then the link should work for you. Hopefully we can
  14. You mean for Spriter or Spriter 2? It's too soon to start making tutorials for Sprite 2, but I'll start making them as soon as possible. I'll also consider making a udemy course. Thanks very much for the suggestion.
  15. Have you gone through the example capx and tried to analyze it? Did you try importing your own spriter object into a construct project and then apply a character map? I think you think it's more complicated than it is and it's throwing you off. You don't need to use local storage or list boxes or anything else. If you want the game to switch your character's sword, you just create the character map in the spriter project that switches the sword image and then in construct use the action to append the character map and type in the name of the character map.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSkVu5tMcdc
  17. email mail@brashmonkey.com with a screengrab proving your purchase on Steam and the exact price you paid and I can give you a coupon code to deduct that exact amount from the price of the of the non Steam version here on our store. This way, if you paid full price on Steam, you'll get the non Steam version for free.
  18. that's not impossible, but we can't promise it because the feature and data formats are so different. We're definitely considering it and weighing how possible it is though.
  19. Sorry, Spriter was more based on traditional frame by frame animation creation and a limitation if this approach is as you experienced, easing only happens from one key to another. Spriter 2 will allow separate easing for any attributes of any objects and across frames.
  20. 1 is the way Spriter is intended to work. Spriter 2 will allow for separate easing curves for different attributes of the same or different objects. 2 This is a minor bug, batch exporting only exports frames, not sound, so the sound is being triggered as Spriter makes it's way through the animation to export frames becasue sound was not considered when making the export feature. 3 I've never seen this issue before. Hopefully if it happens again you'll be able to figure out the cause and way to avoid it. Spriter is not being actively developed becasue Edgar is working hard to get
  21. I guess I misunderstood your original question, and I think I still do, are you trying to make animations in a different program and convert the animation to Spriter format after the fact? I guess referencing the open source spriter run-times will help you understand the data format, and you can post the resulting spriter file that is broken and someone might be able to tell you what is wrong with the conversion.
  22. The file formats are completely different between Sprite and Spriter 2, and so are almost every aspect of the way images are manipulated and displayed. It's not impossible that we will make an importer or converter, but definitely don't count on that happening for sure. There will be lots of tutorials for using Spriter 2, but it's too soon for that because even the core features are not fully implemented yet, and character maps will come after that. It's impossible to say how soon and which Alchemist features will appear. We plan for all of them to eventually become available, but s
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