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  1. I'm new to Spriter and have 2 questions: 1. I have a high resolution monitor, and when I place a bone it's just a tiny sliver, which is difficult to see (like the tiny toolbar icons too). This makes setting the correct pivot point for the bone very difficult. Is there a better way to place bones on new animations? For instance, if I have an arm with 3 parts and 2 joints that overlap at the wrist and elbow. How do I get the pivot at the correct spot when the next arm layer is covering up the spot where i need to precisely place the bone. So I can't really see the shape below to accurately place the bone. 2. When the bone is initially placed, it's just a tiny sliver on my monitor. Is there a way to make it wider so I can see it? SUGGESTIONS: 1. Allow Alt+Ctrl left mouse click to start a bone on the closest pivot point below the cursor. This would save a LOT of time fussing around to get the pivot correct. 2. Allow the interface to be scaled. On my monitor the toolbar and dialog buttons are the size of a embroidery pin head. And that's tiny... Thanks for creating this software!
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