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  1. This is very basic animation but im wondering how it should be done in spriter , i tried various methods and failed, feet always move and wont stay on the ground, it works really nice when you lock foot and knee bone with IK locking then grab torso and move down, character is ducking perfectly but once its animated then its quite a mess and feet go through the ground , adding keyframes midway to fix this isnt really that nice looking and i still can see that feet are moving. The only way is to disconnect feet bones from knee bones because knee bones are pushing feet bones down throug hthe ground, this is how it looks like : ITs with 2 keyframes at 0 and 500, then when i add keyframes at 250 and 750 to move feet to their proper place on the ground then it looks like this : Still bad. So i was wondering how do you guys do it so animations like this looks like they should ? In other software i just use proper IK rig and i never had this problem but in spriter its a bit weird, theres no priority at all, knee bones are pushing feet bones even tho knee bones dont hgave any keyframes, i think there should be priority so for example if foot has keyframe on 0 and 500 and knee follows it then knee should not push foot bone like that especially if foot bone is in the same position on both keyframes.Knee bone is affecting animation but it doesnt really have any keyframe, i do this animation by locking feet and knee bones with IK locking and then i pull torso bone down, so only torso is having keyframe really thats all, but hip and knee bones dont really bend as fast as they should, in my opinion spriter should know that it needs to bend knees faster so they wont push feet through the ground. .I dont know, there should be some other way to do it nicely with 2 keyframes only but currently i have no clue thats why im asking here. How to do crouch animation and keep feet on the ground at all times ? The only way i think is to disconnect feet bones from knee bones, you still need to create keyframes at 250 and 750 to fix ankle area so its in proper shape.Not possible to do with only 2 keyframes, i needed 4 for this : I believe this could be fixed by setting priority in spriter so when bone is in the same spot on 2 keyframes then other bones should never be able to move it from its place between these 2 keyframes.Or maybe rigs with breaking IK chains will be introduced i dont know, so far its not possible to do such simple animation without breaking skeleton.
  2. Also i wanted to clone skin by using CTRL and drag it but its not working most of the time, you will drag only wireframe and it will disappear.
  3. Yes i openeed my animations where i dont use sprites just skins, and i could not see objects in palette no matter what i did, only when i added skin or sprite i could see it but after adding skin and saving it and opening i cant see objects, i need to have at least one "sprite" in my animation , i think this is when object icon also shows up because when you have "skin" instead of sprite then icon doesnt show up in object palette. This is how it looks like when i open file with skins only and check objects palette: This is when i add single "sprite" , everything shows up in objects palette but only sprite have icon: Its not a big issue for me cause i work around that but im just mentioning that it happens and not sure if its worth to fix this if skins are going to be totally rewritten.
  4. There is a bug in spriter if you dont use any "sprites" and only use "skins' , it doesnt show any objects in palette, only if you add "sprite" to your animation it will show all objects properly so if you dont have any skins like i do in most anims then objects arent visible in palette.This bug occurs when you save project and open it agan, if you have even single "sprite" object then this bug doesnt occur.
  5. you have quite a mess on timeline, probably thats the reason.Start over , delete all keyframes but first.
  6. Thanks, i try not to use image switching for animations unless i really have to.Boxer dog artwork isnt mine, just test for someone :) Limbo is without deformation, just regular cutouts.
  7. Found bug, when you shoot with shotgun and press back then character walking animation plays forward but character moves back. Game is fine but maybe a bit too slow for my taste, i would use different sound for uzi to give it more power.
  8. Theres noticeable sound lag of about 1.5 seconds when playing platformer game from tutorial, will this be improved in the future? Its quite bad, sound plays almost 2 seconds too late.
  9. its not only about amount of frames, use delay of 5 or more, if you use delay 4 then it will look too smooth.Unless youwant that smooth effect.
  10. why do you capture sceen to gif if you can export as gif animation in spriter ?
  11. I have win 7 64 bit like you and it doesnt crash for me, i exported gifs hundreds of times, not a single crash , probably more info would be helpful, your graphics card and its driver version.
  12. Yeah i think it should automatically check whats the current Z order and apply it as well when copying to all keyframes, right now you have to do it yourself which is quite weird, its like knda incomplete copy/paste cause z oder isnt copied but should be copied because in 99% of cases after i copy paste , i have to again copy z order as well, waste of time, that should be default .
  13. Im just importing bodypart as skin and then draw bone over it and assign it to this bone, then i click twice on skin and i manually adjust all points to fit bodypart, its best to split bodypart on every joint than keep it as one picture, maybe tail is exception, i would like to assign multiple bones to skin so tail would deform easily, it ttakes a bit of time to animate points yourself but not that bad.Currently you can assign only 2 bones to one skin and even then your skin needs to lay perfectly flat horizontally, if its angled a bit then you wont be able to assign second bone properly so i just stick to one bone and deform everything myself later.Kinda like with regular sprites bodyparts. Im using nearest neighbour on raphael animation i posted in other topic.I used smooth sampling on mack the knife from captain commando.I think it doesnt look blurry that much but would be great to have new algorithm from that topic http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3394-great-algorithm-for-rotating-pixel-art-sprites/ Problems with tearing you mean ugly nearest neighbour artifacts, it happens when you rotate stuff, if you move it up/down /left/right then its fine.You can clean up animations removing pixels by hand later, dont expect output straight from spriter to be perfect and ready to use in game, you have to remove some pixels here and there when not using smooth sampling. I dont really need much more in spriter besides "enabling" us to control more stuff, most of the things i wanted is already there and deformation works great. I like it much more than spine deformation because its already subdivided. I posted in feature suggestions what bugged me the most when working on animations in spine.Its mostly simple functionality stuff that made the work longer like going back to keyframe after you play and stop animation.I think there should be play/stop and it should stop on keyframe you was working on before hitting pla button , there could also be play/pauyse and it would pause on currently played frame.Thats most intuitive way i can think, i know pressing 1/2 is not a big deal but there were times when i created keyframes in bad places and had to go back a lot and start over.Simply because hitting 4 didnt go back to keyframe i was working on.
  14. I dont want to post eveyrtime it stops givingh errors but i had no issues since a couple of days and looks like spambots are attacking forums because of lifted security checks ?
  15. I would like to ask when its going to be available in spriter, i made some animations with pixel art bodyparts and some came out ok , it doesnt look that bad when rendered with nearest neighbour but there were still some single pixels/jaggies here and there especially on the borders, im realy curious how these animations would look like when exported with new algorithm for rotating sprites. Im posting some rendered gifs and my spriter file if you guys would like to test it when working on this feature and maybe do comparison or something :). I made if from this single sprite : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Raphael-182598470 First three are nearest neighbour , last one is smooth sampling. Spriter file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8RnYSep1u_YZlJBNF9kd3RUazA/view?usp=sharing
  16. Can You use this tool to create rimlight on characters ? Kinda like here on rayman legends at 12:05 :
  17. Use download manager, i had he same problem with windows version , couldnt download entire file so i had to use some manager so it will reconnect and download second half if file would be incomplete.
  18. Hey that looks interesting, just that it looks like her underwear is emitting strong light :grin: Ability to mimic believable lighting during cutout animation is something im trying to do myself in some animations, im adding semi transparent hand shadow to be visible on body when hand moves, this can add some depth to animation. Dlight looks lot better than spritelamp because it doesnt look like regular bump map on sprites, i think its a matter of time to find that sweet spot which will blend dlight effect with sprites even better, maybe if that light wouldnt be so diffused and didnt use perfect gradient or had some kind of dithering patterns instead of gradient from white to black you know like regular pixel art ? That kind of pattern could work better than perfect gradient which could introduce these fake looking highlights, it kinda looks like styles clash when you use light on sprites and light is diffusing everything a bit so it starts to look kinda like 3d but bit weird.
  19. Another one from spriter, probably most complicated one i did in this program, original is twice as big :)
  20. Just render to png files and assemble them in virtualdub or something else.Thats how 3d films are rendered, to single frames.
  21. Still happens, currently i can post but i dont know for how long :)
  22. you guys could have spriter.ini file in folder so people could manually edit some options :) i had identical problem and had to search for brashmonkey in regedit then delete all entries, it helped.
  23. - When drag/dropping animation with deformations/skins into existing one and rendering out it doesnt show anything rendered like if deforms were invisible if used as subentities - When im opening my spriter files now then i cant see and browse my project's pictures folder, it should be there by default on right side but as you can see i can only see my harddrives letters and when im rying to browse them then spine crashes ( i think its too much for him to show all the thumbnails from entire hdd disk so would be nice to have regular "list" view without any images as well then maybe it wouldnt crash).Maybe its because currently im exportting video file right now , im not sure because thats only thing i did and it was fine before i started exporting video on other software.Im on windows 7.Anyway, in situations like this it would be helpful to have some button which goes to project's folder if you click it so you dont have to browse again through hdd.Its now normal again after i finished rendering so that had to have something to do with this problem. - When you want to use bones to deform skins then it totally fails. Like on this video when you want to do that thing from 12:45 then you simply cant becaues it doesnt add new segment, it moves entire picture when you click on arrow and want to create new segment from this second bone Thats why i dont use bones when working with skins, its very irritating to setup this like that, should be at least mouse button + some key so it wouldnt move sprite around when you miss the arrow. Would be better if this kind of thing got some keyboard shortcuyts to simply subdivide everything or just totally scrap this kind of hovering over arrow thing which is very very irritating, doesnt work 98% of the time and works only if picture is horizontal like this snakeskin on video. Why dont just let people assign bones to any control points we want whenever we want not just at the beginning , would be much easier.Spine is switching betwen edit mode and animation mode. - I tested Spine today again and i honestly prefere to use spriter because of some small details like holding shift to move nearest vertices and ability to switch images so easily , these kind of things are PITA in spine and really slowdown entire workflow, i prefere to work with deformations in spriter because i feel its implemented better, smart shortcuts like holding shift are great help and if we could atach bones to mesh at any time in spriter then it would be really great, could be similar like with regular sprites, just hold B and pick skin and parent i to bone. Reset button to reset deformation of skin would also be great help in some situations, its hard to copy keyframe of one skin and apply it to different keyframe, you have to copy entire pose. Its hard to control deform using 2 bones, i dont think its possible to deform single skin with 3 bones.
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