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  1. Thanks! I tried VirtualDub briefly. Its main purpose seems to be video rescaling. I am not worried about that at the moment. I would like to: - add sound(s) to the animation or keep the sound from the Spriter animation - Add effects like zooming in or tranistioning from scene to scene I am unsure if adobe premiere elements would fit my purpose since it is mainly for video editing. Adobe after effects is too expensie. Any other thoughts about tools? This is the kind of film i would like to make:
  2. Hi! I backed spriter on kickstarter and have the pro edition now. So far I am impressed with what I have seen! :) I would like to make a short animated cartoon with sound. Spriter seems to have erverything I need for this, except for exporting the film to .wmv, mp4, etc. Do you have any suggestion what I could do? Regards! Corax
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