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    Hello, Do you have a plugin under development for Construct 3 ? This one is in beta currently and I would have liked to test spriter in a project Construct 3 Unlike Construct 2, Construct 3 works online at this address: https://editor.construct.net/ thank you for the news
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    Hello everyone, We are Spooky Games, an independent video game studio from Nantes, France. Perhaps some of you remember us for reaching the third place at the Awesome Boss Contest back in September with our contestant Lord William Greasywheel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZEjUj_Mlgc We want to show here two of our projects. Sacrifices, our big project, and Condor, a minigame set in the same universe and available today as a beta on Android. Both projects use Spriter Pro, of course. Falling Idle Falling Back Somersault Landing In Condor, you are a poor soul pushed from a mountain top by bad guys. During your free fall, you will be facing danger like spears and axes, sticked into the hillside. Your goal is to survive as long as possible. It’s all about scoring, you earn point by staying alive or by taking risk and try to do some stunts during your fall. But be careful, you can’t move until the end of the stunt! https://youtu.be/C4v_TP4BFx4 Trailer Condor Test Condor Now ! Sacrifices is our second and most important project, set in the same Aztec universe and also intended for Android devices. Our goal is to release it this summer. It will be a mix between god game and village simulation. You are an ancient, long forgotten mesoamerican god who grasps an opportunity to rise again by helping a group of war refugees. Use your powers to help or punish your followers, manage and expand your village, and sacrifice your villagers to gain in might, like a true aztec god. http://imgur.com/kat6owJ Quick peek on combat We came here to have a more professional review about our games, so any feedback is welcome! Thanks a lot for your time, Spooky Team
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    Our first game (with beer and cat)

    Hi! I want to share with you our first game made by our small three-dude team. The idea of the game is somewhere between runner and team-manager. Your goal is to run through hordes of enemies, smash the boss and get to the tavern. We used Spriter to make an animation of characters and enemies. It's our first expirience of working with Spriter and first expirience to make an animation. Then Spriter animation have been transfered to Unity 3D. The game is already completed so you can check it in the Google Play . Feel free to criticise, our goal is to learn something and get better Ah, just forgot! You can post your questions and reports in our groups, in social network you prefer. Groups are quite empty, but we try to fill it with interesting stuff, and appreciate if you'll help us
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    Or... You can use skin on the parts that are critical (need deformation) like cloth etc... so you dont affect so many objects and make the work unstable. You could have a backup with and without skin. My recommendation is: drag all objects in scene and create complete hierarchy of needed bones, save as normal version without skin. Drag and object as skin, and link to bone inmediately, then save as skin version and if you get a crash start again from that point. This is the only way to work with skin more or less fast. At this moment even free software supports bone deformation with mesh or grid, so it would be cool to have skin as stable as possible without compromising development of spriter 2, if possible.
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    Sorry for the huge delay. It was announced sometime back in 2015 that the deforming features won't be officially supported until Spriter 2 is released, which will be a free upgrade for all Spriter Pro owners. This is because the data format and foundation of Spriter code would be far too limiting for the specific deforming features we want to provide. Spriter 2 is still only in early development, so it's still going to be a long wait. For now the skin mode in Spriter can be used to some great effect, but you need to work-around a couple of known minor bugs and remember that no Spriter runtime supports playback of animations using skin-mode directly, so it's only useful if you plan on exporting full frame images or sprite sheets. One last idea is you can use skin mode deforming in a Spriter file as part of a workflow to end up with an animation which doesn't use skin directly, but an image swapping sprite who's animation was created with the skin feature, then exported as sequential frames. I did that for the animated flags in the Dream Frontiers Animated art pack.
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    I posted the question to the forum https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=196&t=194219&sid=446705174c26409896922ad4a2203a50
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    Hi everyone, A quick post to keep you informed about our progress. First of all, Condor is now in version 1.2. It’s a light update which adds a brand new interface as well as three new stunts and a rework on difficulty, the game should be easier on the first levels. You can download the game for free here, or buy the ads-free version here. About our biggest project, Sacrifices is now on closed beta and should be released in July. As always you can check our progress on Twitter, Facebook or our Website. We should launch an open beta during this month. Feel free to ask for a beta link if you’re interested in testing Sacrifices! Spooky Team
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    Sorry, no update yet. A family emergency currently has the developer of the plug-in tied up. We'll report back as soon as there's news . Sorry for the inconvenience.
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