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  1. Hello, Do you have a plugin under development for Construct 3 ? This one is in beta currently and I would have liked to test spriter in a project Construct 3 Unlike Construct 2, Construct 3 works online at this address: https://editor.construct.net/ thank you for the news
  2. Slow object initialization Spriter on Construct2 Hello, At what point do I put the initialization file Spriter in events, because my game is complex I both global events and events related to a particular layout. My concern is that sometimes my main character is not initialized and sprites is on the ground. Should I initialize the object Spriter only when it is in the layout or can I do it before. In the initialization is done but sometimes late, then that's fine. This is probably related to the speed of the machine that executes the game. Thank you. To test the game is here: http://mazeofchronos.fr/jeux/0.0324/ thank you in advance Jérôme PERRET
  3. Solved! This was due to a misunderstanding on my part ^^ A +
  4. It will be quite difficult because my project is pretty huge and mostly private . But I'll make it a little more and send you the link to the file capx . Have a good day
  5. Hello, I use the plugin to Sprinter with Construct 2. Everything works fine when I do previews, but when I export nw.js with the sprite of my character does not appear on screen. Finally one out of three times yes ... I did a lot of testing, Spriter object is present on the screen, to the right position on the right layer. It is visible in the properties and moves along the Spriter movement but does not appear on screen. I do not understand ... this rather mysterious. Thank you in advance Jerome
  6. Thanks for yours Thank you for your explanation again ^^ I'll take the time to read this: http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter_manual/adding%20collision%20rectangles%20to%20frames.htm See you ^^
  7. I do not understand why should I create a sprite that I would use just for collisions when I want. While there is already a sprite in which I can make collisions active or not depending on the situation. There are several ways of doing things and mine fits me, why not make the behavior of sprites by Spriter manage in the same way as they are in Construct 2. I do not understand, is it too hard to put in the plugin Spriter C2? Thank you
  8. Since construct 2, when the sword of the character is in the scabbard, I want her to be disabled collisions. But this is impossible because collisions are always enabled. Do you know why and how to disable collisions? I tried everything and nothing works.
  9. I think it's a few more things like that, either. It's not the top but comes close ^^
  10. Hello, I understand your point of view! I still continued and find a way to do without cutting the movie in two parts ^^ The animated picture speaks for itself ^^ In your view how I did it?
  11. System: Windows 7 Sp1 64bit Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 4600 Controler Version: Spriter Pro Ver: R5 (last upload) But it's the same thing or some versions Bugs: - When you want to save in .scon if you first select the file to recover .scml name and then only if you select the format .scon Spriter does not take into account the change and records .scml - Sometimes I do not know and reproduce easily. When you are doing "Control + z" to undo several changes. Spriter loses all animation keys of the current animation. I note today the problems I encounter as they persist version to version. To the right place! Thanks !
  12. About this: Is this the right place to put the message. These worries are they known? thank you very much
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