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  1. Hi, this game looks amazing. I've also been looking for devs who have used SpriterPro for mobile. Did you export the runtimes or did you render sprite sheets? Also, what game engine did you guys use?
  2. I feel for "Family Emergencies", and I hope all is well. Also, thinking about how this started from a Kickstarter, could you run another Kickstarter for Spriter 2 to bring on some other coders to finish the project faster. Or, have a Patreon for short term goals like this plug-in in order to bring on other programmers? I applaud your efforts at not charging people more money for a product they have already bought, but I believe there are some people, like me, that would pay to support the product's development (as seen in some comments over the years). I'm an artist, so buying SpritePro packs doesn't really hold value for me, but if said that X % of money is going towards the development of Spriter Pro along with community surveys to which feature people would be giving money to develop, I would buy more SprierPro packs, and I think you could raise money for certain features as well as bring others for short term help. I digress as I don't know all the stuff that's going on in the background and my view is coming only from my perspective, I just wanted to share my thoughts. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, I'm curious who has made an Andriod game with C2 or C3 and Spriter Pro. Also, if so, how did you export the game?
  4. These are really nice, plz share more
  5. Here's my method I'm considering without buying more software-- I'll be using a video editor called Power Dir 14 I already bought bc it's the faster render software for video on the market. Then I will lipsync with a recording in Spriter Pro-- then I'll take all the png images and merge and render them in the program. Yikes, Yeah Moho 12(i.e. anime studio) is pretty awesome. The new pro version of the software at 399.00USD is at pro level-- the cheaper at 69.00USD is also worth it for my needs. Still, I want to make games more than youtube videos, and making animated youtube videos takes a lot of time.
  6. How do you add an additional sprite to multiple pre-existing key frames? Or-- how do I select all keyframes? What's working-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFr2JY-oz4M LOL, so after I got my animation and character map together. I wanted to add a cape. However, when I added the cape to one key frame, I realized it disappeard. I just tried adding a cape to each key frame, but now the animation is wonky. Is there an easy way to add or fix this? What I'm trying to do--
  7. I was more concerned witht he icon difference from a file save on PC and a file save on my mac. Usually when this happens the file is un-readable. So the icon diffrence doesn't mean anything, right?
  8. Hi, I'm Zon, I learned about this from a C2 community on Google +. I guess just wanted to say I'm a real person. I take it since most people are probably on other game development communities an introduction is sort of redundant:/ Well "Hi" anyway. :D
  9. How do I transfer a PC SCML to a Mac? So after sending it via zip, I open the file and all the png files are unattached from the rig. Anyone have any fixes?
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