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Where is the Mesh Deformation update?


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Sorry for the huge delay. It was announced sometime back in 2015 that the deforming features won't be officially supported until Spriter 2 is released, which will be a free upgrade for all Spriter Pro owners. This is because the data format and foundation of Spriter code would be far too limiting for the specific deforming features we want to provide. Spriter 2 is still only in early development, so it's still going to be a long wait. For now the skin mode in Spriter can be used to some great effect, but you need to work-around a couple of known minor bugs and remember that no Spriter runtime supports playback of animations using skin-mode directly, so it's only useful if you plan on exporting full frame images or sprite sheets.

One last idea is you can use skin mode deforming in a Spriter file as part of a workflow to end up with an animation which doesn't use skin directly, but an image swapping sprite who's animation was created with the skin feature, then exported as sequential frames.

I did that for the animated flags in the Dream Frontiers Animated art pack.


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Or... You can use skin on the parts that are critical (need deformation) like cloth etc... so you dont affect so many objects and make the work unstable. You could have a backup with and without skin. My recommendation is:

  • drag all objects in scene and create complete hierarchy of needed bones, save as normal version without skin.
  • Drag and object as skin, and link to bone inmediately, then save as skin version and if you get a crash start again from that point.

This is the only way to work with skin more or less fast. At this moment even free software supports bone deformation with mesh or grid, so it would be cool to have skin as stable as possible without compromising development of spriter 2, if possible.

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Okay, 6 months has passed and no new announcements were made about the deformation mesh option or any kind of update at all.

I should have bought Spine, the only reason I bought Spriter Pro was for the promise Mike did about implementing the mesh deformation.

Even DragonBones has this option (open-source app): http://dragonbones.com



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We're sorry for the long delay in Spriter 2 and the need to postpone deforming support until Spriter 2 can be released.

As we announced previously, and as I linked to above in this thread, unfortunately we aren't adding deforming support into Spriter Pro (due to it's core code and data format being too limited to properly support it) and that Spriter 2 would be (ind is being) built from the ground up around a much more flexible and powerful code base and data format, and will feature advanced deforming features from the first day of its release.  Spriter 2 will be a free upgrade for Spriter Pro owners, and it's in steady development, BUT we can't announce a specific release date estimate yet. (though we'll be releasing update posts/videos with one coming pretty soon and internal and semi-private community testing of Sp-riter 2 should begin sometime this year)

Definitely do not wait for Spriter 2 if you need deforming features on a project you're currently working on or need to finish, especially if you need real-time tweened deforming and using exported full frame sequential images is not a viable option.

As I had mentioned previously, despite the skin mode in Spriter Pro being unfinished and having some known bugs, many Spriter users make great use of it to create finished animations.

This video shows how I used it in one of our art packs to create flag animations. It's a complex workflow of using one Spriter project using skin mode to create the animation of anything that needs deformation, then exporting sequential images of those particular objects, and then using the sequential images in a second Spriter project in order to use a Spriter file instead of full frame sequential image animations in your game engine.

Again, we really regret the large series of factors that lead to this long delay. We really appreciate your patience so far and can only say we're doing everything we can to make Spriter 2 worth the painfully long wait once it's finally released.

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