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Spriter r2 bug thread


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Hi, starting off with 2 minor bugs:

Exporting the animation (sprite sheet) on linux always excludes the last character of the filename. e.g. saveFile.png becomes saveFil.png

Clicking on the current frame text box in linux highlights the text in blue but doesn't actually give it focus so when you type it doesn't enter the text but instead does the kb-shortcuts.

The next issue is stopping me from animating though it's possible I'm doing something wrong...
1) With bones I have an animated arm and an animated leg, animating the leg with 's-curve' key frames for just the leg sprites - all ok.

2) Moving on to the arm animation which overlaps the leg animation but has keyframes at different times, s-curve keys with just the arm sprites, looks ok.

3) However now the leg animation is no longer smooth and jolts where the arm animation has keyframes, as though a keyframe has been entered for the leg at the same point as the arm - even though it's not displaying in the track view.


If I use linear keys it looks correct but this isn't the result I'm looking for, bug or user error?



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Ok for the last 'issue' I found a work around, I'm not sure if it is intended use.
The top keyframes of the track view need to be linear and every individual key in the hierarchy needs to be set to curve.
Multi selecting keys with ctrl does not multi edit the curve which is what caught me out the first time, it would be really handy if it did!

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Yeah i think it should automatically check whats the current Z order and apply it as well when copying to all keyframes, right now you have to do it yourself which is quite weird, its like knda incomplete copy/paste cause z oder isnt copied but should be copied because in 99% of cases after i copy paste , i have to again copy z order as well, waste of time, that should be default .

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I had some issues with r2 not even opening on Windows 8.1.  The window would open, spin its wheels for a couple of seconds, then crash with a "Spriter.exe has stopped working" message.  I thought it was something to do with a recent monitor upgrade (higher resolution), so I tried quickly dragging the window to my second, older monitor and it opened... once.  It likely had nothing to do with dragging the window because that trick just never worked again, after dozens of attempts.  


I uninstalled r2, reinstalled r1, and it opened just fine.  R1 pointed me at the beta instead of stable release, but I tried it anyway.  Lo and behold, it worked, but I got a sneaking suspicion when the window flashed briefly and loaded the video help popup.  I noticed that the video help window opened at about the same interval as my previous crashes, so I unchecked the "Show this at startup" box and closed Spriter out.  


It opens just fine now. I've opened and closed Spriter about 10 times with no issues, save one.  If I go to Help -> Video Help, Spriter immediately crashes with the same "Spriter.exe has stopped working" message as before.

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Hi.  I have pro version.


1. Create new project.

2. Create bones structure with childrens. (do not change frame)

3. Save project.

4. Delete some bones.

5. Save project. (May chose different name).



 New project file should be containing only non deleted bones info and keyframes.


What actually happens:

File contains info of deleted  bones and keyframes.


Is that a bug? It causes much trouble when parsing file in our c++ scml parser.

Please fix this.

Please respond as quickly as you can. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

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