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Modifying several curves


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Hi jokderdeus,

Can you be more specific? Which multiple curves do you want to change at once? If you ad curves to the mainline keys, then it effects all aspects of all bones and sprites at once, whereas if you add curves to specific objects in their time-lines, it effects only those objects.

Does this help?


Mike at BrashMonkey

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Hello Mike !

Sorry for the very long time answer, I had to stop working on my project for a while, but now I'm back in business and hopefully gonna finish it as soon as possible.

Anyway, I was talking about the tangents of the keys. I didn't found any way to modify several tangents of keys at the same time whereas I looked pretty much everywhere... I made a little drawing to help to understand.

For this very simple example, how could I apply this tangent to all the surrounded keys ?



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I'd like to simplify the question. I would personally like to see this implemented into Spriter.

What Jokerdeus is asking: How do you modify more than one objects' curve at a time, but NOT the curve of the main rigs keyframe.

Answer: You can't.

It's crazy that this hasn't come up yet, and this needs to be implemented immediately. Modifying the curve of a rig's keyframe is NOT the same as modifying the curves of all of the object within it, and it's extremely tedious to smooth the curves of every single object, on every single keyframe individually.

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Hello Tyler,


Yep this is exactly what I meant, sorry for my english.


I think this should be a high priority thing to implement right now, this is dramatically time consuming to modify the curves of the rig's keyframes. A feature that would allow the artist to change several of them in one shot would greatly improve their productivity.


Cheers !

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  • 9 months later...

Sorry again for the very large delay in the implementation and updates. We're doing our best to wrap up the implementation as quickly as we can, then catch up on all bug reports and feature requests as quickly thereafter.


@ bwwd,


I'm looking into your situation/report about curves now, but it could take a while to have a meaningful reply. Thanks for your patience.

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We'll definitely look into it bwwd,  Any chance you could make a screen recording or two comparing expected results in something like blender and compared to what you're experiencing in Spriter. This would likely really help us figure out any issues and resolve them.


Thanks very much as usual for your useful and thorough feedback, and for your great and inspiring Spriter created animations.  We'll keep working to make Spriter the ideal 2d animation tool for game creators.


Sorry again for the large delay in updates. We're working hard to get back on track and make things better than ever.



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Yes i'll do it. :)

Done : http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4154-s-curve-in-spriter/#entry13237

Can you guys release some extra version where we can select multiple keys and change their curves to S curve with as small amount of clicks as possible? This is insane to change S curve on every new keyframe that i'll make, ive never encountered limitation like this.Can you imagine how much time animator is wasting because such simple thing is not possible, its not even a feature ,its something that's normal, you select mutlitple keys and change their setting.

I have to select every bone one by one, there are 15 bones, then 15 skins ! thats 30 for one keyframe, then add next keyframe, its another 30 keyframes to select ONE BY ONE to change their curve to non linear !!  Insane !! :( And its over one year like that without this simple functionality.

Plase add S curve as default curve to select, that cubic one  with 2 points is perfect, one point on bottom and second point on top to create S:



This should be default and ready to select when you press second mouse button it this small menu because im wasting a lot of time creating this S curve myself, its best to make it as fast as possible to change that, like on this pic :nGwDheb.png

I click on S and i have S curve, no need to open menu and drag points to create it on every keyframe, this menu could apply that curve to all currently selected keyframes.

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I thinks what spriter needs is setting that smooths out curves only where opposite velocity occurs between two keyframes, because for example if my leg moves right on 1st key and moves right on second key and i will add S curve on both then it will look  bad and will slowdown, thats why it must be preplanned carefully where to apply smooth curves, with 2 keys you are fine with 2 S shaped curves but with 3 keys you need different curves and it depends on which keyframe velocity starts to be opposite from previous key.

This is what happens when you apply S curves to all keyframes and move from bottom to top takes 3 keys ( 10-20-30) :



You see this is bad, see now it slowsdown on 20, it should create something like this automatically:


Now you can see there is S through entire timeline, this is exactlyu what gives that smooth motion, so curves are different when velocity changes from up to down or down from up between two keyframes, but if velocity stays the same and its up on key 2 and up on key 3 then you dont need S curve .

I hope this visual is clear, it would be nice to have settings that smooths out entire timeline, checks what keys need S curve and what keys need other curve, all thats needed is this sinusoid waveform through entire timeline instead of this zigzag:


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I think my idea of applying S curve to main top frames was a bit different than it really is,  i thought when i will change everything to S then software will smooth everything by itself which was wrong thinking , currently when i apply curves only to keyframes that i want to smooth out it works really fine how it is right now but im still missing ability to apply S curve to multiple keyframes that i currently selected.It would save me a lot of time.

I dont think it will be easy task to implement something that would check direction of bodyparts between two keyframes and apply curve that's needed to smooth out that motion depending on direction of movement from one keyframe to another, cause like i said if key1 moves image to right and key2 moves image to left then they both can use S curve and it will be super fine sikly smooth perfect but if key1 is moving right and key2 is moving right+ up then S curve on both keys wont look properly, only first key can have half bottom half of S to smooth out start and key2 would have to use linear interpolation because its still moving right so theres no need to slowdown or smoothout anything.

So all in all Curves system in spriter works OK they way how it is right now but i lack ability to change curves quickly to S curve withouit need to create S curve myself because i dont want to waste time to create it, i want to have it somewhere as default preset and just pick it when i need it like this : nGwDheb.png

And if it could be applied to multiple keys with one click then i would be very happy.

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