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[ Construct 2 Plug-In bug report ]


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In the C2 plug-in version 11/28/13.

I think this is a bug when I'm using Condition "On any touch start " > action "Set Animation to..." to play animation.

Because, In "some" animation It's just skipped the whole animation to the last frame and stop and the end of the animation.

Example : I have animation name "Start_Shooting" this animation are 490 frames long.

now when I use condition On any touch start > Set animation to "Start_Shooting" and play from start

,This mean everytime I click it should play the animation "Start_Shooting" from start to the end.

The animation play correctly on the first click ,it's played from 0 - 490 properly.

Once it play to the last frame of the animation and stop at the end ,It's unable to re-play the animation again in the 2nd click and so on,

but it can play the a little of animation if I rapidly click my mouse.

So, I try to add the action "Resume animation". It can do the work but I dont think it's the true solution.

Or sometime I have to add "Set current time in animation" to the first frame but it won't give me a smooth animation from start.

p.s. This problem is not appear in the last version,

And I believe Spriter is going to be the best from now on !

( I'm sorry if my english is not good enough and it confusing you guys )

Here is an online example :

Left click to play the shooting animation ( There's a problem in this animation )

Right click to play running animation ( This animation is working correctly )


These are the project files

Capx File

Spriter scml/scon files


Here is the proof that the animation was working good before the lastest build of C2 Plug-In.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/227 ... index.html

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Thats awesome work NEWLEE!

I'm glad the latest build of the plug-in is working well for you.


Mike at BrashMonkey

Thank you Mike and I'm going to provide some tutorial and knowledge that relate with Construct 2 and Spriter as much as I can

for the community here.

Yes ,The lastest version of C2 Plug-In working well for me ... Except the Action that relate to "Set Animation".

So ,now I'm still stuck with some bug in the lastest version of C2 Plug-in (11/28/13) as I started this topic here


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