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  1. The Head Sprite is connected to Head bone, but now it is a mess. How can I fix this ? Thanks
  2. The "Override Bones With IK" action is not working in Construct 3 engine, it freeze the game. however, it's working fine in C2 engine. Thanks
  3. RunnerPack Thank you! I'll add the arrow keys, and I'll be the standard for my following games. You can only skip the intro animation, the skip button will appear when you click or tap the screen for the third time, and there is a secret area in the game (The Shadow), have you discover it? for The Goat, you can ask me right away! It is my first game and I know that a lot of people will have a question more or less ^^ The next game will be less surreal more action and of course, Spriter!
  4. This is amazing! I want to see more like this.
  5. Greeting everyone! Here is my new game, It was made by Spriter and Construct 2. Check it out. Oh and don't forget to give me a like. For the love of Spriter!!! Thank you and see you all again with my next game! Take care ~
  6. Do you mean duplicate the entity ?
  7. Wow ! Reeeeallll Fast ! Lucid you are good as always Thank you :D
  8. I found 2 new bugs in the lastest verion (12-4) 1. It's about the size of the timeline window. It's too big for my screen size. my screen size is 1600x900. 2. I have to Restore Down the Spriter window to re-arrange and docking the pannel. I can not do it in Maximized window. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ And down here is the whole screen image. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/227 ... Screen.png
  9. WOW !!! :) Lucid !!! Now it is WORKING !!! Yay !!! I'm really Appreciate. Your team are Fast ,Effective and AWESOME. Thank you very much ~*
  10. Thank you Mike and I'm going to provide some tutorial and knowledge that relate with Construct 2 and Spriter as much as I can for the community here. Yes ,The lastest version of C2 Plug-In working well for me ... Except the Action that relate to "Set Animation". So ,now I'm still stuck with some bug in the lastest version of C2 Plug-in (11/28/13) as I started this topic here :)
  11. In the C2 plug-in version 11/28/13. I think this is a bug when I'm using Condition "On any touch start " > action "Set Animation to..." to play animation. Because, In "some" animation It's just skipped the whole animation to the last frame and stop and the end of the animation. Example : I have animation name "Start_Shooting" this animation are 490 frames long. now when I use condition On any touch start > Set animation to "Start_Shooting" and play from start ,This mean everytime I click it should play the animation "Start_Shooting" from start to the end. The animation play correctly on the first click ,it's played from 0 - 490 properly. Once it play to the last frame of the animation and stop at the end ,It's unable to re-play the animation again in the 2nd click and so on, but it can play the a little of animation if I rapidly click my mouse. So, I try to add the action "Resume animation". It can do the work but I dont think it's the true solution. Or sometime I have to add "Set current time in animation" to the first frame but it won't give me a smooth animation from start. p.s. This problem is not appear in the last version, And I believe Spriter is going to be the best from now on ! ( I'm sorry if my english is not good enough and it confusing you guys ) Here is an online example : Left click to play the shooting animation ( There's a problem in this animation ) Right click to play running animation ( This animation is working correctly ) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22723218/Question/Question3/index.html These are the project files Capx File Spriter scml/scon files Edit Here is the proof that the animation was working good before the lastest build of C2 Plug-In. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/227 ... index.html
  12. Scavengrove Thanks for your infomation. I've tried the new Plug-in update ,It's working properly now !!! :D
  13. Thank you Lucid and you Scavengrove I'll try it !!! :D
  14. Sprites are not swapped correctly. This is the online example : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22723218/Question2/index.html I'm using these version of Spriter and C2-Plugin (Lastest 28 nov 2013) Spriter/C2 (plugin update 11/25/2013) Spriter B6 pre-release (11/25/13)
  15. I want the ability to control the BONE from CONSTRUCT 2
  16. Hi Psilon What do you mean ''4/8 Direction Behavior'' ? If your game are in Platformer style you will only need ''Platform Behavior'' for that. So, I'll make a C2 project that will cover your question. And I'll post it here, you can check the Event Sheet and learn from it.
  17. Do you still need help ? From the current version of Spriter we can change the appearance of the character by using "Set Entity" action in Construct 2 Plug-in. For Example when your Character pick up and equiped new shirt. Now in C2 part You will set the action "Set Entity" to your Character with new Shirt. Now in Spriter part You have to have 2 Entity ( Duplicate ) in one .scon file ( 1st Entity is normal shirt ,2nd Entity is new shirt ). you can use this method while we waiting for character maps !!!
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