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Spriter B4 Release!


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Time for a new release everyone!


    [*:1g3jn3v8] Added Character Maps (see video below)
    [*:1g3jn3v8] Added Integrated Help
    [*:1g3jn3v8] Fixed a crash that occurred occasionally when deleting bones or undoing the creation of bones
    [*:1g3jn3v8] Fixed a bug that caused child objects to shift when deleting a bone from every key
    [*:1g3jn3v8] Fixed a bug where an object pasted to a frame that didn't already contain an object would lose the z-order
    [*:1g3jn3v8]Fixed a bug where the object properties widget would display incorrect values for bone rotation
    [*:1g3jn3v8]Fixed a bug where the object properties widget wouldn't allow you to change angle values to non-whole numbers

Download the new version here

Developer documentation is nearly complete, and will be released soon, so watch for that update later this month. Enjoy the new update everyone, and as usual, please report any bugs to the bug thread. The integrated documentation will help you get started with character maps, but for anyone who missed the preview recently, here's the feature in action:

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Can these character maps be changed/swapped realtime in our code, or are they all loaded with the scml at startup?

What I mean is if I have a character with 1000 possible variations of clothes/armour/weapons/whatever, do I have to load every combination into memory when the scml is loaded (thus loading every possible character map/image), or can I define 2 character maps (normal/edited) and load the necessary images into the second character map as they are needed in the game in realtime? (thus only using 1 extra character map to load in new images for all combinations when they are needed)

Hope that makes sense.

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You could make it work either way rikman, if your coding your own scml engine. I will be posting guidelines for things like these into future iterations of the new scml docs. You could even have a character mao composed of sprutes designed to be replaced by a modder and loaded at runtime

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Ah that sounds good, I was worried I was going to have to load every image at startup like it does now (before character maps) - which would have been a huge problem in terms of memory management.

I look forward to the guidelines you mentioned, keep up the good work!

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Hi Lucid,

Any updated docs for B4? I've noticed that we now have pivot points in the file object which I guess are the defaults pivots but looking here:

http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... rence.html

I cant see how to use them compared to the object's pivots.

Also abs_x, abs_y, abs_pivot_x, abs_pivot_y, abs_angle, abs_scale_x, abs_scale_y and abs_a are new, but I cannot find any info about these new elements and how to use them correctly.


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