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  1. Hello There, I just wanted to check and see with all these updates if any timeline has been put on getting the Construct 2 plugin updated to support the current features yet? I love all the new features, but can't use them in my games at this point. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  2. Awesome work! Thanks again Lucid, I am loving the new features!
  3. I had an idea and wanted to ask, is there a requirement that sprites be included in a file? I mainly ask because I thought it would be worthwhile if someone were to put out just some Spriter Animations using just bones with no included sprites. For example a walk cycle, etc... that way people can start with a base animation and then add their sprites and tweak as needed... just a thought...
  4. Hey there, not sure what you mean by import from illustrator/photoshop. Illustrator and photoshop don't really use optimized files until you export as PNG, etc... Those are the files you want to import. Not sure why you would want to use a .psd, etc... in spriter as the size would be huge and the amount of work to get it to natively support them probably would too. Sorry if I am misunderstanding what you mean...
  5. For me this usually seems to happen when the onion skin timeline does not actually cross multiple keyframes. Just having it stretch over a tweened area between keyframes does not show up but I do not expect that it would since the point is to show me where it is during each frame. Is that what you are seeing? Or is it more along the lines of just nothing showing?
  6. Awesome, I have been waiting for this update. Thanks again for all the hard work on this Edgar. Can't wait to put it to use...
  7. Haven't seen anything in a couple of weeks, figured I would check if there has been any progress on the Copy/Paste issues?
  8. Just figured I would check in and see if there was any word on the build targeted for today?
  9. Exactly like lou mentioned, it would be great if when I set the rotation point of one sprite/image onto another, it would stick to that spot similar to bone attachments. For animations where I do not want to use a bone hierarchy, this would make it much easier. For example to animate a leg moving, I have to position the upper leg, then move the lower leg to a place where the rotation point is in a similar (hopefully the same) point as it was before in relation to the upper leg. If it stuck to it, that would make it easier to keep the movement more precisely placed and less messing with trying to find the right spot again.
  10. Thanks Lucid, not sure how much of it could be automated, but at least a dialogue to allow us to point it to the new location of the graphic resources would most likely fix it.
  11. Thanks Lucid, I will work on a repro. I did some directory reorganization yesterday and now my project no longer has the imported sprite components. The file pallet still shows the pieces, but the animations and hierarchy windows are now empty though the hierarchy palette shows object_001 - object_009 with no image component next to it and when clicking on them the screen goes blank. My assumption is that since I restructured my directories it is no longer finding the source files that I used when I created the project. Is there any way to reassociate the project with the images in their new location?
  12. Hello Lucid, With the latest build I am no longer getting any animation exports via png... I use the PNG exports for prototyping, sizing, etc... but when I point to a directory and export PNG, it goes through the dialogues, but there is never any output in the directory. Previous builds this worked fine for me. Also, any chance to export the series of PNG's as a spritestrip yet as opposed to a series of individual files? Also I am still seeing a lot of oddities when copying keyframes between animations. The keyframe header (diamond) does not always line up with the pasted keyframes, especially when you delete keyframes, it tends to offset it so it doesn't line up anymore. Thanks, BluePhaze
  13. Ok so I have found that if I paste the keyframes in, the objects disappear after a second, but if I then try dragging objects from the palette into those now empty keyframes, the objects that were originally pasted it will randomly appear and disappear as I drag the items in. I have pasted in the entire character, and then the parts disappeared, so I had started by dragging the head and torso from the palette when the other parts started randomly appearing and disappearing again... Just wanted to add this as it is some additional weirdness with Copy/Paste currently.
  14. Cutting and pasting is a bit iffy... If I clone an animation it brings over all objects and keyframes. But if I select canvas or keyframes and copy them, it will allow me to paste them into a new animation in my project, but the objects in the keyframes disappear after a second or so. I found this out because I was trying to create a new animation, and wanted to grab a keyframe from an existing animation in the same project as the starting point. I created the animation, pasted in the keyframe, then proceeded to watch as my objects appeared, and then disappeared immediately after. To try and work around this I tried to clone an animation, and then just delete the additional keyframes I did not need. However, as per the previous bug, deleting the keyframes/objects caused Spriter to crash multiple times. I am assuming until the next fix is up, I will need to just add new animations and then drag objects back out from the pallet again. And start from scratch for each one. Thanks for all the fixes this week, they have helped me to get a lot further in my work. I do have some questions around bringing .SCML into Construct 2, just not sure if you would prefer I ask them here or in the Construct 2 thread you have for the plugin, etc... Thanks again, James
  15. I am experiencing the same issues, deleting keyframes seems to lead to a lot of oddness. And deleting objects from key frames seems to crash. Deleting the first keyframe is especially problematic as it is hard to tell if it is really selected at times due to the bounding box issue, and then when you delete, other keyframes shift around... which makes it hard to tell if the first keyframe is the original, or if another has jumped to that spot due to deletions... Note that in the images posted by Pfaeff that the keyframe header (the diamond) from the next keyframe has actually jumped to the position of the deleted keyframe, though the objects associated with it are still in there original spots. This makes deleting and then moving keyframes a bit of a mess.... Lucid, for the Zoom/Scale of the timeline, it would scale fine in one direction (Zooming in basically) so when I scale it one way, it goes from showing frame labels for 20, 40, 60, to showing them for 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc... but if I scale the other way, it only goes out far enough to get 40 frame increments. So I can scale out only to the point where the timeline shows 40, 80, 120, 160.... if I want to scale out farther to see a larger portion of my animation it did not seem to want to go higher than that. So if I want it to scale out to the point where the timeline shows labels for 100, 200, 300, etc... I wasn't able to scale out that far. I have now realized that this is due to the length of the timeline for the animation. If the animation is 600ms, then the timeline scaling stops at the point where the whole 600ms is shown, which ends up being labeled in 40 frame increments. If I make it longer, say 2000ms then I can scale it out more and see larger sections of the animation as I wanted. So this one was all me. Thanks though for responding!
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