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Spriter Data API for GameMaker

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  • [*:3hd4gfwf]Title: GMSpriterAPI Beta1.3.
    [*:3hd4gfwf]Description: Support for Spriter files (SCML)
    [*:3hd4gfwf]GM Version: :GM81: :GM8:
    [*:3hd4gfwf]Registered: Yes
    [*:3hd4gfwf]File Type: .zip (gmk, gm81, gmres, gml, animation project file and resources)
    [*:3hd4gfwf]File Size: 333kb
    [*:3hd4gfwf]File Link:
[*:3hd4gfwf]Spriter Site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/539087245/spriter
[*:3hd4gfwf]GMC Topic: http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=537492


This adds support to load Spriter character animation files into your games.


  • [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterInit() Initializes the setup
    [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterLoadProject() Loads the SCML file. Supports multiple files
    [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterSetCharaterAnimation() Set the animation for the character
    [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterDrawCurrentFrame() Draws the animation frames
    [*:3hd4gfwf]SpriterDebugMakeAnim() pops up a menu to create an animation from the characters available


Included in the zip is the Spriter R1 and R3 character files, no harm intended, used for proof of concept

Limited support for R1 and R3

There are features in Spriter that could be supported... Collisions would need to be synchronized and I think there is hot point support to come in Spriter but the file did not have anything regarding the 2.

If you are interested, I can add support to fetch where an item is, like the sword in the animation so you can drop a collision enabled object at the location, so to detect sword hits. I could also provide support for compound characters where each sprite could possibly be linked to an instance.


  • [*:3hd4gfwf] Spriter R1 files support
    [*:3hd4gfwf] Spriter R3 files support
    [*:3hd4gfwf] hot spot support (to us, x,y origins)
    [*:3hd4gfwf] bounding box loading, no access


  • [*:3hd4gfwf]The frame timing is slightly off (not noticeable though)
    [*:3hd4gfwf] section is ignored
    [*:3hd4gfwf] ignored

Please provide feedback... and I do have a donate link below in my sig :)

The Demo

It asks for the animation file when it starts

Right Click will show the characters available.

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My team and I are new at gamemaker and we decided start using the gamemaker studio for our first game.

We are tyring utilize this API in the Studio without succes up to now.

Someone Knows how can I use the spriter file in the GameMaker Studio?

Thanks for the attention

You can't currently use the Spriter API with GameMaker Studio. Only GameMaker 8 is supported. Hopefully GMS will be supported VERY soon.

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Hey guys, i'm not sure how often the OP still works on this, but I've taken it upon myself to update this API to be not only compatible with GM:Studio, but also compatible with the latest build of Spriter. I am Lead Programmer of New Horizon Gaming LLC, and our current project requires this kind of animation for many of the enemies and structures found throughout the game. I've been developing in GM and other languages for many years, and in fact I got GMSpriterApi to work in GM:S in a matter of ten minutes, however the big issue left is that there is no support for bones, or even the new file format. So that's where I come in. Hopefully i can get this working, and i can share the spoils with the community :).

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Hey thanks for the positive reinforcement! I've managed to much of the new file format, enough information to allow for sprite based animations, sans bones (which will be added later). I've got all the sprites in a file to load into gm:S and made them displayable on screen by picking a folderid and fileid to draw on screen. Next step is to draw a complete keyframe, then figure out tweening between keys.

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Hey thanks for the positive reinforcement! I've managed to much of the new file format, enough information to allow for sprite based animations, sans bones (which will be added later). I've got all the sprites in a file to load into gm:S and made them displayable on screen by picking a folderid and fileid to draw on screen. Next step is to draw a complete keyframe, then figure out tweening between keys.

Hi Indecom,

There is a usable version of your api for game maker studio? Even with some limitations or errors it would be a great help in my project.

Thanks for working on this implementation

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I was wondering, what happens if come spriter 1.0 and no one in the community develops a working implementation?

I already got pro so I can't back off :P, but it would be nice to know if you would take development of the implementation yourself?

I know it's impossible to implement every single developing software out there, but making sure that there are working implementations for the most common/popular ones would be wise marketing.

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So, to get my game done, I bought Spine. I also bought Spriter, but Spriter is still Beta and I cannot use it in Game Maker Studio easily. So I thought about programming a converter from SCML to JSON with the Spine-Format. But I think, that is not, what the Vision of Spriter SCML was over a year ago. So what is the problem? How was it possible, that Spine grows faster than Spriter, both had nearly the same amount of money, and Spriter Developer had nearly 9 month more time for programming. I belived in you, but now I feel very lonely.

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Indecom dropped out of the game maker studio api business.. I've tried to contact him and nudge him a few times on the GM forums, and he always just tells me he is busy with his current game, and that the api is in disarray and not in a useable status, which means, I've figured it out, I've got it, and noone else is going to use it... I've even asked him to ship me what he has, so I can pick it up and run with it, and he won't...

He keeps saying when I'm done with what I'm working on I'll finish it sometime, I have to have it done for my current game, but evidentally he doesn't care about the rest of the GM Studio population that are already spriter pro owners..

Oh well, Se La Vi !!

Just thought I would post an update since he doesn't anymore..

Sorry to report all this, I really wanted to use Spriter for some projects..

Ciao' Mano's


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-- Listen Up --

After further digging, I was able to save the Beta 1.3 Version created by: icuurd12b42 who appears to be a Global Moderator on the GM forums... So chances are much better talking with him about this. Also, following his instructions, I was able to import his project and then export the scripts into Game Maker Studio format readable. Next step is to make some mods he says such as the scml filename will have to be hardcoded for each project, as GM Studio has had the file selection form stuff ripped out, but they have put the non-pausing form functions in so I may be able to just switch it over to that, but I don't think this will be necessary, since each person, and each project will know what scml files and stuff will need to be loaded in..

Here is how the Author: icuurd12b42 explains it:

In the controller object:

// This function is not supported by GM Studio ATM. Hard code the path and filename.

var fname;

fname = get_open_filename("Spriter Files (*.scml)|*.scml","");

if(fname !="")




// End This Function from Controller Object.

BTW: I will NOT take Credit for his hard work, icuurd12b42 is the original Author, I'm Merely Modifying his Code to Update the scml Format,

and maybe add some extra stuff like hotspots and / or bones if possible.

So as he says Just Hard code the path and filename, and this shouldn't be a problem. Although, icuurd12b42 did stop with pre-beta R3, so I will have to modify the internal scripts to load the new / and hopefully stable file format, at least stable enough to make it work without too many changes afterwards...

I hope others will benefit from this bit of hacking, and file mods to make a setup at least useable for GM Studio! Finally, I had to do it myself, since my last post as Indecom had me P.O.'d after me seeing his game was done and he was trying to upload a Win 8 version of it to the M$haft store, this took the cake for me, as I knew he had to have his version of GM Studio Spriter Setup done..

Anyways, give me a few days to play around with it, and run some tests, maybe if Lucid or whoever is coding on spriter currently, can shoot me some info as to what I may have to modify and / or change to update the file format loaders..

Thanks 4 Listening, Ciao' 4 Now,


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I'm also interested if there's any progress on this.

If not, I'm also working on one (built fresh, not from the older stuff) for Studio and presumably 8.1 and less, too.

I'm about halfway done after a tricky night of code. If it works well enough, and it's not too messy, and someone else doesn't come out with a better one first, I'd be glad to post it.

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Yea, Game Maker Studio even said they were going to have official support for Spine in GMS 1.3. While I already bought Spriter Pro and have been waiting over half a year for a Game Maker Studio API, I just wonder if I should just switch over to Spine.

I would do create the API myself, if I knew any clue how...

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I think the easiest way would be a converter from Spriter XML to Spine JSON. I love both products, and also bought both.

I tested Spriter with Construct 2, and it worked, but for complex project, I more like the way game maker is handling the files. I also don't know if any official XML support is there for Game Maker Studio without DLLs.

I am also thinking of replacing the GameMaker-Room-Editor for the Levels with the use of Spriter, Spine or Rube (iforce2D) (https://www.iforce2d.net/rube/)

Would be great to be able to use alle three programs without complicate thinking in Game Maker Studio.

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