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  1. Hello Everyone 🤗, I started working on a 2D game development for the past few months, and I'm pretty new to Spriter Pro. Although I've been able to animate a few of my characters in a basic way, I believe that both the efficiency of my process and the caliber of my animations might be greatly enhanced. Here are a few particular places where I could benefit from advice: Effective Use of Bone and IK: I know the fundamentals of inverse kinematics and bone setup, but I'm having trouble getting my characters to move smoothly and organically. Any advice on how to properly use IK and establish a strong bone structure?🤔 Managing Multiple Animations: I find it difficult to maintain a consistent animation for all the different movements my characters must do, such as sprinting, jumping, attacking, and walking. How do you set up your animation sequences such that they flow together seamlessly and have a unified aesthetic?🤔 Optimising for Performance: Given that my game is meant to be played on mobile devices, I'm worried about how my animations will affect performance. What are some efficient methods for ensuring Spriter animations perform smoothly on devices with lesser specs? 🤔 Advanced Options and Plugins: Could you suggest any lesser-known features, external tools, or plugins that improve Spriter Pro's functionality? 🤔What are your thoughts on users integrating Spines or other applications for certain tasks? 🤔I've heard of some doing it. General Advice, Tips, and methods: We would be grateful to hear any further guidance, tips, or methods you have found to be really helpful <a href="https://www.igmguru.com/machine-learning-ai/rpa-uipath-certification-training/">uipath</a> while using Spriter Pro for animation. I'd like to hear from animators with more expertise as well as anyone who has faced comparable difficulties. I could definitely use your advise and insights to advance my animations. Thank you in advance.
  2. I've worked as a profesisonal game artist and you can check out my work here: https://www.artstation.com/michael_gaddi I can make: 2D spriter Animations Concept art Background Characters Traditional drawings
  3. Kroftle Studios An Asset Development Studio - One stop solution for every Asset Development from scratch to production ready! Kroftle is a boutique studio that offers high-end CG Asset Development services and state-of-the-art visual imagery for all types of digital products like full length animated films, high quality hybrid films, video game cinematics, TV commercials, DVD series and much more. Please log in to,. website: www.kroftlestudios.com contact: info@kroftlestudios.com Gaming Services: Concept Art 3D Character Development Gaming Props / Assets Hand Painted Texture PBR materials Game & Production Riggs Facial UI / Blendshapes Game Animation CG Services: Concept Art 3D Modeling 3D Texturing Advanced Rigging Hair and Fur Layout and Staging Animation VFX Services: CG Creature Development Digi-Doubles Hard Surface Vehicles/Props Set Building/Extension Hires Texturing Hair and Fur Rigging Please check out our work gallery section, at www.kroftlestudios.com/works/, Our few artworks for gaming..
  4. Hello guys, am trying to see if i can create an animated skeletal 2d character from my animated 3d character using spriter. Please in case is not possible with spriter, can someone point me to any application that can do it.
  5. This is Fighting 3D Multiplayer Game developed for iOS platform. All 3D Art Work, Animation – Motion Capture developed by GameYan – Game Development Company.
  6. Hey guys, I'm curious who has made an Andriod game with C2 or C3 and Spriter Pro. Also, if so, how did you export the game?
  7. Hi everyone, We’ve been working on an indie game project called Initiation for the past few months. Currently in development for a released on PC, it’s a 2D platformer game. We’re using Spriter for all characters animations. We’re currently working on creating a stable build for the demo but you can get a glimpse of what we’ve been doing in this trailer video: Since we’re here to talk about animations, here’s a showcase of our main characters animations: Walk to run to walk again Jump Climbing stuff Falling a little too fast There another creature we’ve been working on: (Thanks to Bwwd for his advices, you’re a great guy If you want to know a little bit more about our game, you can check the official website: http://initiationthegame.com We’d love to get feedbacks from you so don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about all of this. We hope to talk to you soon.
  8. The animation hangs while repeating, what could be the problem, where can I put the required frame
  9. Hi, I'm a freelance 2D artist. I work with game assets, illustration and graphic design. I can adapt and create a large number of styles. From pixel art to something a little more illustrative I can find the right style to fit your project. Skills: Art Direction // Game Assets // Illustration // Graphic Design // Animation // Concept Art // Promotional Graphics // Pixel Art // Photoshop // Illustrator // Spine 2D If you would like a quote or have any questions about me or my work please get in touch. Portfolio: www.hayes2d.com Email: rob@hayes2d.com Regards, Rob
  10. Hi, Just want to know if is there a way to create a character map and replace an image by an animation. For exemple: When switching a weapon, replace the sword by a sabre who's flashing and glaring. Or replace a simple sword by a flying bird or a rotating propeller... Hope i'm clear enough, Thanks for your software, I love it!
  11. I just found very nice game assets also here. https://mobilegamegraphics.com/ Which is i bought some of their assets and they also have a free stuff as well.
  12. Hi, I'm having a hard time with spriter that have quite a few bugs. And not the simplest ones. As I already know spriter doesn't export large canvas spritesheet. So i'm doing on -1100 -1100 1100 300 square size where all animations goes, for future unity export. However, recently I experienced rather an annoying bug that doesn't export the full animation on 24fps. I tried everything, smaller canvas size, keyframes only, moved the keyframes in the timeline. well nothing works, the last animation doesnt load into my spritesheet, anyone know how to get around this one ? thank you
  13. Done with Spriter More details here: itch io graphicsriver Tokegameart scirra store
  14. Hi I was creating a running animation, working fine for the legs. But then I started to work on the arms and when I moved them and run the animation. They seem to move just only one frame, looking them offset on the frame I changed and not smoothing toward their initial position. What actually happenned to do that? Thank you
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm actually working on a mobile game and I have a problem with my spriter animation when I add it in LibGdx. It's a tutorial animation showing to the player how to play the game. In Spriter everything is working fine but in game, the assets with no animation is moving on the mobile screen.
  16. How to do a looping run cycle? I tried following some poses I found on Google but the loop looks weird
  17. https://alteaclaverasds.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/maya-walk-cycles/ I followed the walk cycle on that link above. The animation I made went smooth but when exporting, anything in the GIF doesn't move. Maybe there is wrong with the settings, I don't know how to set it up I'm still a newbie, I'm 13 years old Also, the animation only looks great at 2% Play Speed
  18. Hi guys! New here - Swedish Indie Dev. After rage-quitting Spriter 3 times I finally got an hang on it! So I've made this "walking troll" with some pipes poking up on his back. I want to add a "Smoke Animation" coming out of that Pipe... This smoke animation is basically 14 separate pictures that is creating the actual animation... Is it possible to make a separate animation for the smoke and add it to the "walking troll"...? Makes sense? Pictrue attached... Smoke pics on right hand side Follow me @KarlKaze for daily updates on my project it you think it looks interesting! Cheers!
  19. Hello everyone I have a sprite of a candy cane, like this one: And I would like to add it a stretch out animation of its bottom part without distort the image itself. As the bottom part pattern is simple (red and white alternance), I would like to replicate it instead. Do you know the best way to do that?
  20. Hello and thanks for looking Ive exported my Spriter animations to Construct2 via scml/scon. While there's a built-in animation for pointing a gun while walking how would I go about having the gun "kickback" when triggered? Do I animate the arm/gun separately from the body or is there some kind of "trigger" mechanic thatll allow the arm to animate independently of the walk animation? I hope this makes sense Thanks again.
  21. Hi, i have a question regarding importing animations made in spriter. I created a simple run animation to test spriter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqeUOjINl3U&feature=youtu.be but when i import i get a but that makes the animation in the final frames: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4OqiXw417U Anyone knows how do i fix this?
  22. Hello, 'Freakout Games' is a indie startup studio and we are a group of industry professionals. For our upcoming games for mobile platform we are looking for 2D Animator. More details will be provided with interested members. It's a great opportunity to get in at the ground level!This is our website: www.freakoutgames.comYou can contact us through our website.We are always looking forward to network and knowing more game enthusiasts.Thanks
  23. Hello i just bought both rpg maker, spriter pro and game character hub(rpg maker official sprite making tool) on steam and i want to know some things: 1- Do you get any images to work and do testing/learning with spriter pro besides the essential pack? 2- Can you use any png image to work and animated? 3- Can you create a sprite from zero or this isnt the software for this? 4- Can you take images from Game character hub and animate them in spriter pro? 5(last)- Someone can tell me what are in each dlc? I just bought the effects one since effects are in everygame, but im in doubt if i will need the other if they are just art packs or can i edit them and make effects/sprites from zero? Sorry for the high number of questions im kind of lost XD
  24. Hi all, Working with a YouTuber in which will remain anonymous for now. We're looking for Spriter artists that are capable of taking a current existing character and create animations from them. The style we're going with is a side-on, 2D Punch Out type game. We need an artist or artists to produce high quality work within reasonable time-scales and work alongside the YouTuber. The game will also be pushed to Kickstarter, however you will be paid for any work before said stage. All artwork/animations will be paid in full. Happy to discuss rates. Thanks again, look forward to hearing from you. In case I don't get back to your message, please feel free to get in immediate contact with me at charlie.mcshane@yahoo.com Charlie
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