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  1. Ohhhh I see ! I could have done that! Instead I just moved all frames. I will know for next time. Thank you again! One last thing, why does spriter have a hard time processing large canvas for spritesheet export? Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I need to close and open the program in order to make that work. How come that happens? Is it the same problem as this one? https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4488-spritesheet-export-not-saving/
  2. its alright. What does it do if I add more time to the animation? Is is better for spriter to process ? I'm not really an expert on it.
  3. @Mike THANK YOU SO MUCH! finally I understood with your explanation. This simple detail just ruined my entire week of work but I know now what it was. I use a timeline on a 1000 so the last keyframe was at the very end, and couldn't understand the problem. Now I placed them between 900 and 1000 and it worked fine! I could export it! However I find it hard sometimes to export, as I need to restart my computer in some moments to be able o export my sprites as my files get blank. WHen I restart it work fine, maybe a memory issue?
  4. @Mike Hi, I actually did what you ask me too. I downloaded a third party application to glue my sequential images that I export with spriter pro (I bought the licence) The last animation does not export even in that way. I reduced my timeline to 782 instead of 1000. Reduced my canvas size. Installed both application that are a bit tedious to use, succedded at making one work. Moved keyframes, make 19 images instead of 24n still...I don't get my last animation It was working fine until recently, is there any option in spriter that I inadvertently activated that doesn't allow me to export my last keyframe? Is there anyone having that kind of trouble? I'm starting to be desperate. thanks
  5. Thanks for the help, but how come does that happen? I just need my last animation. Should I use a third party application to export my animation that I made in Spriter? I can't seem to understand. Will I loose my twins if I export each frame separately ? I'm a bit confuse, but....should I delete some frames in my animation then?
  6. Hi Mike and thanks for replying. Actually I was exporting each animation under a new spritesheet and it worked. Until my canvas export was too big and my spritesheet were blank. So I had to actually lower the canvas size for export. It worked. Until now that the last keyframe, the last pose in the animation doesn't export. When I choose "keyframe only" it does export, but the animation doesn't look good, i want to export in 24 fps with the twins between each keyframes. And when I do export, then the last animation is not on my spritesheet. I tried many different ways, lower canvas size, move keyframes, add less row, more columns, etc... nothing seems to work . So I don't really know what to do. I export a timeline of a 1000 on a canvas size of -1100 -1100 1100 300 in 24fps Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm having a hard time with spriter that have quite a few bugs. And not the simplest ones. As I already know spriter doesn't export large canvas spritesheet. So i'm doing on -1100 -1100 1100 300 square size where all animations goes, for future unity export. However, recently I experienced rather an annoying bug that doesn't export the full animation on 24fps. I tried everything, smaller canvas size, keyframes only, moved the keyframes in the timeline. well nothing works, the last animation doesnt load into my spritesheet, anyone know how to get around this one ? thank you
  8. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has a good advice on how to make a good jump animation with spriter? I already have my run animation but as I opened a new project for the jump one I wanted to know how to fit on the timeline the jump, and the fall in the same timeline. Pretty wide question but it's because I don't know where to start as on youtube there is not much on spriter. I did only see a walk animation from brashmonkey which helped my run animation so far.
  9. Thank you, I will get a look at that ! Keep up the good work !
  10. Hi Mike (your tutorials are great) you are right, I just found out the problem this morning. Actually in one of your tutorial I saw that you "keyframe all" and that is why my arms where locked up. So I unckeyed everything except the first position in order to move other body parts, and it worked. Anyway thank you for your answer By the way, would you know how to combine an idle animation + a run animation in the same project? because i'm opening a new project each time I actually make a new animation. I just found out how to replace body parts during a loop which is cool
  11. Hi I was creating a running animation, working fine for the legs. But then I started to work on the arms and when I moved them and run the animation. They seem to move just only one frame, looking them offset on the frame I changed and not smoothing toward their initial position. What actually happenned to do that? Thank you
  12. hi, I was looking all over youtube and here but decided to make an account to ask some crucial element missing to be able to make a smooth transtion from idle to the run animation. I succeeded at making an idle one, but I opened a new project in order to make a run animation. Therefore a question struck my mind. As I see I can create multiple animation in one file (i don't know how does that work so i keep creating projects for each animations) How can I mix both animation with a smooth transition without looping from idle to run with the head rotating and all that magic stuff?. Couldn't find any video or info on that; How can I do that? really it is quite difficult. thank you
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