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  1. I got it now, but last questions: The files for left/right arms/legs for me are exactaly the same is that normal? Also how you make animations without using the bones? For example i made 2 sprites for my character to walk down(facing forward on the camera) how i animate him walking? Sorry for so many begginer questions.
  2. Can you help me with another thing? I just bought the rpg heroes art pack and started making the characters, but how do i make a character sprite like in the videos from the tutorials? Where you have a huge portrait of the character, and sprites of every possible movements of him/
  3. Thanks a lot i got all the answers i needed, i think i will buy the rpg heroes art pack them too.
  4. Hello i just bought both rpg maker, spriter pro and game character hub(rpg maker official sprite making tool) on steam and i want to know some things: 1- Do you get any images to work and do testing/learning with spriter pro besides the essential pack? 2- Can you use any png image to work and animated? 3- Can you create a sprite from zero or this isnt the software for this? 4- Can you take images from Game character hub and animate them in spriter pro? 5(last)- Someone can tell me what are in each dlc? I just bought the effects one since effects are in everygame, but i
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