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  1. Hello and thanks for looking. In the Override Object action in Contruct2, What does Pivot X and Pivot Y do? Ive been trying to move a bone through this but not seeing any difference. Thanks.
  2. WoW! You even fixed Override Bones with IK too....and within minutes of posting an issue! This is the best customer service I have ever experienced! Youve saved me so much work! With immense gratitude, thank you so much.
  3. If you could make it so the bones revert back after manipulating them, Spriter would be the defacto animation tool for C2. It would open up so many possibilities. I really do love Spriter and have used it exclusively since I got it. Best of luck and thanks again.
  4. Thanks for responding Lucid, I really appreciate it. Oh, it works, the problem is if I change the angle to a bone that bone stays at that new angle for every animation. If I change the angle back to what it was - it still stays that angle no matter what.
  5. I still havent found a way to "reset" the bone angles nor any other way of achieving on-the-fly bone manipulation that works. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks for looking.
  6. Mike - Apologies, the sprites were being updated. I was confusing big head with smaller head and put the new files in the wrong directory. Though in my defense, the small head is still fairly large. Spriter is great and the more I dig into it the more i like it. Thanks. Lucid- Ive tried your advice and was able to change the angle of the bone using the Override Object Animation action. My problem now is that once I override the angle the bone stays at that angle until I change it again...but it never goes back to what ever angle(s) it needs to be for each animation. For example; aim
  7. Hello again, I have Pro and all the packs that were on the Humble Bundle a few weeks ago. I did click the refresh button...a bunch of times with no change. The only to get it to recognize the file as changed is to right click and swap. Im going to dig through it some more before I bother you again. Thanks again.
  8. Im new to Spriter but so far Im quite impressed. I have a bunch of questions but surely figure it out the more I use it. Is there a way to add animations from the spriter packs to other chars? For example, run&gun doesnt have a heels dug/quick stop animation. It would be great if I could just copy that animation and bring it into my run&gun character. Also, Ive edited some of the body parts but when I open the file in Spriter it automatically shows the previous files/partsd. I have to manually switch out the body part even if it's the same file. I dont want this thread to be
  9. Hello and thanks for looking Ive exported my Spriter animations to Construct2 via scml/scon. While there's a built-in animation for pointing a gun while walking how would I go about having the gun "kickback" when triggered? Do I animate the arm/gun separately from the body or is there some kind of "trigger" mechanic thatll allow the arm to animate independently of the walk animation? I hope this makes sense Thanks again.
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