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    Yahweh, any thing 3-D especially Nintendo Virtual boy. Most Nintendo systems most things from 1980's
    and the Japanese language. Of course bloodless clean anime.

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  1. Hello Lucid, When using pixel graphics with the exspiremental skins mode the z order always gets screwed up. I know the main focus is on Spriter 2 but if you could fix this It would be greatly appriciated. Thanks for this awesome product! Also not only this but also when using skins ctrl arrow keys don't work either.
  2. BrashAdmin wrote Ok I feel like and idiot, However I do think for future versions a dialog should come up saying that Spriter cannot find image files I think that would be easier than thinking that Spriter screwed up when it was really me. Thanks for answering my question. Can't wait for future versions especially if you implement my suggestion on page 28 of suggestions for Spriter it would be very useful to me. Brash Monkey is Great in my book once more and I am glad that I purchased it :) .
  3. what is wrong w my files I go to save them and when I open them the keys are in tact but the animation folder is gone what am I doing wrong please help?:(
  4. There are 3 things that would make Spriter invaluable to me and the work I do 1.non aliasing and aliasing using only current color palette 2.Dithering using color palette when using transparency. 3.mimicking animations so you can build 2 animations and have one that is almost the same on the other side. for parallax 3d stereo-scopy Thanks
  5. lucid wrote As a wish list what Id like to see is the ability to make a non aliased image and or the ability to use your aliased image w only using the colors in a pre defined color pallete. Lastly I think it would be great to have dithering w using transparency. Theese things would make Spriter Pro invaluable to me and to anyone creating graphics for first gen systems. ;)
  6. First of all awesome program Ive wanted to see something like this for years. Second How do you change the anchor point Ive tried every thing I can think of and I just can't do it. also in the new build please have a way to turn off anti-aliasing some of us are working on old machines w four colors and do not want it.
  7. Yeah the same feature could be used to make stereo-scopic sprites. I hope they add this feature...please
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