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  1. While this is understandable, this gives me the feeling we're looking at possibly many months again before anything happens. I've been delaying it for the past year or so hoping this would become a usable product, but it might really just be time to buy Spine or even Creature.
  2. Thanks for the advice! I have been struggling lately to decide on which to use and have also been told by other people that learning to actually draw is an invaluable skill if one is considering taking Game Development seriously. Honestly, I have found using Vector programs such as Affinity Designer or CorelDRAW easy to use as you can simply work with shapes. But am starting to think that actually learning to draw, would give much more flexibility.
  3. Trying to start a poll of sorts Which would be easiest for a beginner? Vector or Raster. Personally I have tried both and estimate that EITHER would take quite a while to get good at.
  4. I must say it is so decent of you guys to stick to your decision to give Spriter Pro users the upgrade for free. I have seen so many times developers say it will be a free update only to change their minds at the last minute. Admirable.
  5. Hello, all I'm actually no sure what type of post this but i needed to get it out there lol. First off, i love Spriter! When i first got it in 2014 i was ecstatic. Game development has always been a dream of mine and i am always looking for awesome tools, to help in my quest. My problem? I cant draw to save my life lol. I know that is a terribly cliche thing to say, but... To be honest, i don't think i even like drawing (GOSH!! NO You!) . I'm a naughty boy. I am thinking this is because i am my own worst critic and at times just feel i should pursue something else. I dont hate drawing, I hate my drawing lol. But i love animating and coding . A few of my friends have even seen my artwork and begged me to go back to Web Design lol, just for their sanity . Yep, comments of how their eyes hurt and they feel like crying when i ask them to judge lol. Side note: I'm not looking for sympathy, just being brutally honest. I know there are tonnes of art packs available online, but being honest again. This may sound weird, but i feel "wrong" using other peoples artwork. Let me clarify: If i had team members doing the artwork, no problem. If i buy or download art packs from websites, i feel wrong, or like i'm cheating. I know the packs are out there to BE USED, but hopefully someone can understand my predicament. So frustrating . Has anyone else been through something similar? It will be nice to know i'm not alone, and perhaps some advice on how you managed. This post is really weird i know, but its something that has been bugging me for a very long time, and i've now reached the stage where i feel like i need to make a concrete choice. Living on the edge is getting me nowhere, an it's now time to step into the great big world!! Thanks for reading!
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