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  1. I must say it is so decent of you guys to stick to your decision to give Spriter Pro users the upgrade for free. I have seen so many times developers say it will be a free update only to change their minds at the last minute. Admirable.
  2. Hello, all I'm actually no sure what type of post this but i needed to get it out there lol. First off, i love Spriter! When i first got it in 2014 i was ecstatic. Game development has always been a dream of mine and i am always looking for awesome tools, to help in my quest. My problem? I cant draw to save my life lol. I know that is a terribly cliche thing to say, but... To be honest, i don't think i even like drawing (GOSH!! NO You!) . I'm a naughty boy. I am thinking this is because i am my own worst critic and at times just feel i should pursue something else. I dont hate drawing, I hate my drawing lol. But i love animating and coding . A few of my friends have even seen my artwork and begged me to go back to Web Design lol, just for their sanity . Yep, comments of how their eyes hurt and they feel like crying when i ask them to judge lol. Side note: I'm not looking for sympathy, just being brutally honest. I know there are tonnes of art packs available online, but being honest again. This may sound weird, but i feel "wrong" using other peoples artwork. Let me clarify: If i had team members doing the artwork, no problem. If i buy or download art packs from websites, i feel wrong, or like i'm cheating. I know the packs are out there to BE USED, but hopefully someone can understand my predicament. So frustrating . Has anyone else been through something similar? It will be nice to know i'm not alone, and perhaps some advice on how you managed. This post is really weird i know, but its something that has been bugging me for a very long time, and i've now reached the stage where i feel like i need to make a concrete choice. Living on the edge is getting me nowhere, an it's now time to step into the great big world!! Thanks for reading!
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