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  1. Hello loodakrawa, first thank you very much for this amazing plugin. It's making my life a lot easier ! I've got a small bug? I am even not sure. So.. i want to upload character assets with spriter animations on the unity assets store. For this I'm including a small demo scene with the character and your plugin. Everything works well. Now for me to upload to the unity asset store I need to package the entire assets folder into an .unitypackage Unfortunately when I create a new unity project and unzip the newly created unitypackage the sprites of the character are not linked anymore. Therefore on the scene itself nothing is shown.. I've to delete the created prefab and the .assets file. And reimport the .scml file so the 2 files are created again. It would be bad to expect my customers to do that themselves Is there a way to fix this? If it helps I can send you the unitypackage. Thank you for you time
  2. First I'm not much of a programmer. So any feedback is welcome. Special corner cases not tested. Download AnimationSorter Prerequisites Animations must be batch export or all animations must have a prefix Animation names must be in following format prefix + animation + number + file extension So for example you have 3 animations: Attack, Idle, Run. When you export in spriter you are asked for a base file name. When you type "character" as base file name spriter spits out 3 animations like this character_attack_000.png character_attack_001.png character_attack_002.png character_idle_000.png character_idle_001.png character_idle_002.png character_run_000.png character_run_001.png character_run_002.png (Number of files is not important) How it works Export animations in spriter (e.g batch export) when exporting enter a prefix e.g character put the executable script file into the same folder as your animation exports run exe enter the prefix which every animation files have in common e.g character from step 2 enjoy that you don't need to sort animations anymore What the script does: The script searches for all png images in the same folder the script is. Then it extracts the given prefix from each image. character_attack_000.png becomes attack_000.png Then it extracts the extension and number as well so only animation name is left wich is attack. Next it creates a folder with that animation name and afterwards puts each matching image file in that folder. And this for each image. Conclusion I found the script to be a huge time saver. Especially with hundreds of image files (in the gif example 500+ images were sorted under 1s). So I hope it helps you guys out as well. Here the full script: import glob import os import shutil import time class AnimationSorter: """A simple sorter class""" def __init__(self): self.prefix = '' self.folders_count = 0 self.files_count = 0 def set_prefix(self): self.prefix = raw_input('Type in the prefix of the animations.\nPrefix: ') print self.prefix def get_animations(self): path = os.getcwd() + '\\' anims = glob.glob(path + '*.png') return anims def sortanim(self): anims = self.get_animations() if not anims: print('No files found.') return False self.files_count = len(anims) for i, x in enumerate(anims): basedir, filename = os.path.split(x) result = x.replace(str(self.prefix), "", 1) n = result.split("_", 1) result = n[0] result = result.translate(None, '_') dir_name, ext = os.path.splitext(result) if not os.path.exists(dir_name): os.makedirs(dir_name) print 'new directory: ' + dir_name self.folders_count += 1 try: shutil.move(x, dir_name + '\\' + filename) except IOError as (errno, strerror): print "I/O error({0}): {1}".format(errno, strerror) except ValueError: print "Could not convert data to an integer." except: print "Unexpected error:" raise self.files_count += 1 # print 'moving file success' return True if __name__ == "__main__": print '___________ SORT ANIMATION EXPORTS ___________\n\n' sorter = AnimationSorter() sorter.set_prefix() start = time.time() # call your code here if sorter.sortanim(): end = time.time() print 'Done.' \ '\nTotal files: ' + str(sorter.files_count - 1) + \ '\nTotal Folders: ' + str(sorter.folders_count) + \ '\nTime needed: ' + str(end - start) + 's' k = raw_input('\n\nPress any key to close.\n') Download AnimationSorter
  3. Bone transform can't be changed the bone im trying to move is the magazine for a sci-fi like soldier.. I had a different rig first. The weapon was 1 sprite. Later I decided to have the magazine separated in order to animate the reloading of the weapon. So animation keyframes where existing already and now a new bone (the magazine) came as a new bone to each keyframe. When I then switched to other animation and back the above bug occured. I can Drag the bone but after drop it returns immediately to its original position.
  4. Crash When Changing Foldername While Char Map Window is Opened. I wanted make a char map and simply swap the heads. So I opened char map menu, opened both directories where the sprites are placed then noticed one folder wasn't called the way it should be. So from explorer I navigated to that directory changed folder name and got back to spriter. In the char map window the directory name was updated correctly. But the moment I clicked the head sprite on the char map window Spriter crashed.
  5. I had the crash above in other place again and I think I can break it down to what's causing it I had an effect sprites I wanted to apply. When the effect finished playing it should scale down until 0. So I set x scale to 0 and ....... crash. Seems like it's causing spriter to crash. Because scaling down to 0 was exactly what i did in the above post too
  6. crash 1. I selected 2 images 2. I scaled their x down to 0 on the object properties panel 3. Wrongly clicked another sprite and moved it 4. pressed ctrl+z to undo this action 5. crash reproduceable: always
  7. when you press repeatedly ctrl+z in skin mode spriter crashes No worries, I know it's "experimental" just reported so the devs know about it ;D
  8. I've a bone hierarchy like this When i move an image which is under the hips into the "b_torso" bone then this bone disappears from the hierarchy panel like so the bone is not somewhere down. Only when I move the timeline cursor the "b_torso" bone appears in the hierarchy panel again
  9. Crash Crash after I wrongly selected the parent bone and dragged it down side it's children in the hierarchy panel. Note that I didn't release mouse button, i kept it dragging and spriter crashed. All the bones had images attached.
  10. There is a bug with a keyframe that simply can't be deleted. I encountered this problem so many times that it is frustrating if it helps I can send my spriter project file and tell where exactly the problem is. The bug is that I've a sprite attached to a bone. This image when I delete it appears in the next keyframe. Although there is no keyframe set for this particular sprite. So what I do next is I go through all my keyframes ( so time consuming..) and delete this one sprite and hope it is deleted but ! Surprise after I could delete it in the first keyframe it can not be deleted anymore. I can give my spriter project but please fix this annoying bug ;D
  11. Done with Spriter More details here: itch io graphicsriver Tokegameart scirra store
  12. MoonStar

    Ball Walker

    well done .. the elephant animation is done with spriter?
  13. Hi I have seen this Z-Order issue many times posted. The problem was that once you changed the z-order in 1 frame you needed to change it for every keyframe in that animation as it's not applied to all frames automatically (which is ok). Mike from spriter team pointed out that you can right click and then select "copy selected item property to all frames > absolute z-order". This indeed does the trick. And here is my problem related to this. I need to change z-order in all animations. I've to do this for 5-6 sprites in 30 animations. Then go through each animation and everytime select the copy property thing. One might ask why I just don't do it for 1 animation and then just copy it to all other. Well, it doesn't work. I have done the z-order the way it should be in one animation and copied everything to place it on the other animation. Unfortunately the Z-order doesn't copy. I mean everything else is copied.
  14. When there is something that Spriter users know than it is that once the project path is set it cannot be changed anymore or the project images get lost. Well.. Here is a small guide how it can be actually changed. What do you need? Notepad++ Actually it is not a need but it's just easier to work with. Now let's assume your Spriter File (SCML) is inside the folder where all your sprites are located. In the above example my SCML file is called "Juggernaut". Now let's put it one folder higher in the file hierarchy. What I did is to cut out the "Juggernaut " SCML from the "Body Parts" Folder and placed it to the parent folder. If you open the scml file now. After getting a pop-up dialog that notifies you about missing sprites the following thing will happen: That happens because Spriter is still searching for the images in the old folder but since the file has moved the path has to be changed as well. Here is the trick Right Click on the SCML file Choose "open with" and then your favorite editor. In my case Notepad++ Then you will see a syntax similar to xml. Simply add a name attribute to the folder tag Give it the path to the folder your sprites are located e.g name="Body Parts" Search and replace all FILE NAME ATTRIBUTES with the path to the sprites e.g name="Body Parts/Head.png" (in the image above I had to continue it with file id = 7) Save and open Spriter the normal way Enjoy No more missing Sprites ;D
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