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  1. I solved it myself. The folder containing the project you want to merge in cannot be in the same folder as the file you are merging into (even a sub folder). Even if you choose option A (Copy to base folder and overwrite) or Option C (Copy folders as scml_file_name_folder_name). It is likely swallowing the file system 'folder already exists' error as it doesn't error or tell you anything - it just doesn't do anything. I put both folders at the same level and it worked.
  2. NOTE: I am using Spriter Pro (r11) launched with a Steam key (Steam is running when I use Spriter). Hi, First off I can't seem to search the forum in the Chrome Internet browser (the search button displays a blank popup - but no textbox to type) so I can't tell if this is already an issue, so I am creating a new topic in the r11 support thread. Import Another Project Into Current doesn't seem to be working for me in Spriter Pro (r11). I click File | Other file actions... | Import Another Project Into Current, choose any of the three modal options - but nothing happens. No files copied, no animations from project imported. I'm not sure if I have to be clicked on anything specific in the Animation window while importing? I also made sure the two files are the same version of Spriter (r11) in case it was an incompatibility issue. I also looked for an error log file in the Spriter folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Spriter), but none is being generated. Bruce
  3. Hi folks! I am an independent game maker working on my own game, but I do not have time to do all of the work myself. What do I need help with? I need an experienced Spriter Animator to create character animations using our already rigged characters or create various Spriter animations from scratch. This is a paid job. Mostly piece-meal work. I will give you a description for what we are looking for, the animator will provide a quote (estimate of time and cost) for the individual work package. Preview of the animations via animated gif or video is fine, and the the final delivery will be the functional .scml file. A work package could be a character or inanimate objects with one to multiple animations. How to apply? Send a private message to me with a link to your Spriter samples and your per rate expectations (e.g. $n per hour or $n per single character with n animations, etc.).
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