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    MelVin got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Spriter Plug-in for Construct 2   
    Thank you! everything is working now:) Great Vids btw.
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    MelVin got a reaction from AlbertMen in New tutorial video and some additions to the manual   
    This is awesome. Thanks so much. If I could request a tut it would be adding multi characters to construct 2 using one spriter file. If there is already one out there please link me. Regardless thanks for the tuts :D
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    MelVin got a reaction from Ddyrinsyk in Shaking spriter animations   
    Really need some help with this one. I'm noticing some consistent shaking of some of my spriter objects in Construct2, the video can explain better than I can...

    I've zoomed in o the characters so it shows better on Youtube but you can down load it @ 60 fps here if you prefer...
    I'm not sure why this is happenning , and I've tried everything I can think of to solve the problem. All the characters are spriters but only some of them "shake" like they do in the video. Seems the worst when they Idle, and some characters are worse than others. DaKoo (green dragon on the left)is fine. The only difference between him and the others is the dragon was made in a much earlier version of spriter, but all have been exported with the same options and I have used the lastest version to export all of them. Including the dragon. C2 is also using the latest plugin.
    Any Ideas why some are shaking and others are not??
    AMD 8350
    256 SSD
    R9 290
    12 Gb Ram 1600 @9 9 9 24
    Gygabyte UD3 990FX MB
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    MelVin got a reaction from samdz in Spriter r2 bug thread   
    if it is a looping animation, try copying the first frame to the last frame. Not sure if this will solve it but worth trying. good luck
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    MelVin got a reaction from Nathanial in Spriter 1.0 Released!   
    I kn ow it's a few days late but congrats to all of you! Spriter has made such a difference in my games. Great work, Spriter is truly awesome!
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