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New tutorial video and some additions to the manual


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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the unexpected but unavoidable delay with the next build. It shouldn’t be much longer and expect an update on it soon.

In the mean-time, Mike has been busy adding new content to the manual explaining how to export finished animations as sequential PNG images and how to merge multiple Spriter projects (Pro only).

You can check out the latest version of the manual here.

And of course it will be updated in the next Spriter build (coming soon).

Also, Mike has just uploaded a new and very thorough tutorial video , showing how to start with your character art in your graphics program of choice, setting up a Spriter Project folder, Starting a new Spriter file and the entire set-up and animation process.

And for those who are already familiar with getting started, here are links to the specific segments of the tutorial:

Thanks everyone for your support and patience.

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