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  1. samdz

    Spriter r2 bug thread

    Thank you so much admin it make sense now :) Again thank you for this amazing tool I'm glad that i'm one of your customers
  2. samdz

    Spriter r2 bug thread

    Thanks man it works after i change some frames ... but I'm still don't understand why this happen ... please can someone explain to me ?? P.S: This happen only when I add Bones to the char
  3. samdz

    Spriter r2 bug thread

    Hi Lucid, Fisrt of all let me say thank you so much for this amazing tool, Im new with spriter pro and i'm on my first steps to discover it everything is going fine & smooth except one annoying issue, take a look at the picturs please : This is my character on the form that I want perfectly :) But when i hit the play button the animation play just fine ... 'till in some point in the timeline this happen ???!! So what i'm doing wrong here ? is this my fault or it's a bug in the tool ??
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