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  1. Turning on all my save options did fix the issue. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi, after uptading C2 to the 259 version, I noticed I can't drag and replace an already existing .scml file. When I try to do it, it looks like all the parts of the animation get deleted. I downloaded the latest plugin for C2, but it didnt help. Also, when dragging a brand new .scml file to C2 (not replacing), it works fine. Any suggestions? I might be doing something wrong ~.~ edit: maybe it has something to do with my save options?
  3. I had the same problem just a while ago, and installing the Visual Studio 2010 32 bits and 64 bits, after installing the VR 2013, fixed it
  4. I don't have any antivirus installed, just Windows Defender. Even so, disabling it and reinstalling the visual studio distributes didn't work. Can't I just drag these dlls into the Windows folder? =S UPDATE - after installing some updates for Windows 10 and reinstalling VS 2013, I'm not getting the MSVCR120.dll and MSVCP120.dll error messages, but the MSVCP100.dll and MSVCR100.dll. Does this mean I have to install another Visual Studio runtime? UPDATE 2 - Ok, installing both VR 2010 32 bits and 64 bits fixed the issue. What a relief thanks for your time
  5. I have only these installed and still getting the error messages
  6. I'm having the same problem.. Been using Spriter for several years, but now I had to format the PC. When trying to open Spriter, I got these missing dll messages. Installed both Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtimes on a clean Windows 10 and it didn't work. Help please
  7. hey, thanks I look forward to sharing more news =)
  8. Greetings I’d like to use this post to show you guys a Horror game me and my pal have been working on. We always liked the horror genre, speacilly the Silent Hill releases of old, which were able to create really dense and disturbing environments. There have been lots of horror games lately, however we rarely find a game that actually makes you think about what’s going on and make you invested (dinosaurs zombies aren’t that scary) With that in mind, we drafted some ideas and started to make some prototypes. In the end, we thought it would be cool if we mixed horror stuff, some platform elements, puzzles and a lot of exploration - kind of an unusual combination. We're using Construct 2 and Spriter. I'd say 95% to 100% of the artwork is already made (which includes decorations, characters and many monsters, all animated... Took an year of hard work to get it done). The levels are still on the making, and we're still struggling to make the audio part, but we'll get there Anyway, as they say, a picture is more worth than words, or something like that, so I should show some in-game shots: Here is our “hero” in the spotlight. Yes, he’s a child. Don’t expect mercy in this world. We’re trying to make dark, dirty and claustrophobic places. Objects will have shadow effects in real time, but this wasn’t properly implemented yet. Yeah, you will be able to push and drag boxes… and yeah, you will use them to press buttons. Hideous creatures await you, and your little lantern toy can reveal your presence, so being stealthy sometimes is the best option… but combat is also a viable solution. So, that’s it for now. Sorry for the long post. We look forward for your feedback. We’re doing our best, but surely we can always do better. Thanks and see ya! visit us at www.wilypiggames.blogspot.com
  9. Right, I went to Run > Regedit > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > BrashMonkey > Spriter and changed the line openGLEnabled from false to TRUE
  10. hey there. I disabled Opengl from the menu and now i'm unable to open Spriter again. It crashes. I tried reinstalling it but the problem continues. Any way to turn Opengl on again? please help Btw, in the latest version of Spriter the animations are locked in 30 fps... Is this normal? Can I run them in 60 fps? thanks EDIT - I figured it out the Opengl problem... Only my question about the fps remains. Thanks anyway!
  11. I'm referring to playing Spriter files in COnstruct 2 (forgot to mention that) with the last plugin installed
  12. hi, I'm new to Spriter, so there are some things I figured out and some I didn't so my question is, how do i make an animation play fully and from the start? This option doesnt seem to work for me Specifically, i want to make my character jump with the full animation (on button click), but sometimes he just jumps frozen, and sometimes the animation takes some time to play... Is there a solution? thanks in advance
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