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  1. i think the remaining silent contestants are not even aware of the change and suggestion. I think the admin should make them officially write down dissagreeing on the change instead of agreeing to make sure they do still follow the contest to validate the decission. I still think it causes no harm to extend the deadline, ppl who put lots of work in their entries have now the chance to polish them if they want while more ppl could be encouraged to join
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  2. EDIT: EDIT: We are now down to one contestants left who's not agreed to the rule change. Hi Everyone, We're making every effort to contact and get replies from the remaining contestants regarding the desired rule change (email, private messages, and YouTube comment posting ). However, we are now down to 2 contestants who've not yet resurfaced to weigh in on the judging rule change. @EternaL, if you're reading this, please respond or click "Like this" on Lucid's rules change proposal post here: https://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4758-spriter-awesome-boss-contest-1000-grand-pr
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  3. joemid

    Dino for LD36

    Probably heartbroken, this one... www.ludumdare.com
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  4. First off, this could have all been avoided had we heeded the community's warnings against Like-based voting, specifically relating to how easy it is to manipulate and abuse the system. We hope we can all agree that getting the contest back on track to a system where the art can be judged based solely on its merits is ideal for everyone. We've actually lined up some fantastic artists and animators who are willing to judge the contest and are not privy to this current mess of a situation. When the situation was first brought to our attention for a specific user, when we went to verify,
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