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Need advices for joints of the body and legs.

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Hello all ! 


I need a help about preparing my picture for the sprite. I know there is a video about it, I already watch it (but maybe I haven't understand all of it, i'm sorry guys). So here is my problem : Some parts of the body aren't enough big to fit in every pose. So I was asking if there is a easy way to prevent this problem. ^^ 


Thanks in advance !






N°8 pour course.png

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You just have to draw your character in separate layers while creating it, and make sure the parts that need it extend beyond what is visible in the static initial pose.

My suggestion. test your key positions on the layered body pat images in the paint program.. troubleshoot, and then draw in the missing joint art on the images as needed.  The easiest example in your images is the torso that just needs to be extended downward so you don't end up with missing chopped off torso when he leans forward.

Also, keep in mind, the bones can be repositioned as needed at any point In the animation to compensate from joints becoming misaligned. The shift in relative position of child to parent bone will also tween, so the end results look natural.

Long story short, after some repeated attempts and experimenting you'll get really good at it.


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