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TroubleShooting (look here if you are having an issue with Spriter!)

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@RangoAnimations While I continue to investigate, there are a few things you could try which might help.
After trying to run Spriter, you can find a file called 'startuplog.txt' in the Spriter install folder. Could you please copy and paste that text either here or email it to mail@brashmonkey.com ?

Another thing to try if you've not already done so is to right click on the program and try running it in compatibility mode for older versions of Windows like 10 or 7, and in admin mode.


I also found this regarding the specific error message you're dealing with:


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I sadly have purchased a laptop with win11. I was able to install the dll i think cuz spriter run on my laptop. But when i try to export the png animation nothing happend and my folder stay empty. And when i try it in Gif it froze and then close. Could someone tell me what to do ?

Thx see you later.  

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There's a good chance the problem is not with Windows11, but with the animation you're trying to export. I think Spriter is running out of memory. What is the frame size and number of frames that the resulting animation would have?
Have you tried exporting as sequential images instead of a sprite sheet or GIF?

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Sry i m a bit lost i m a newby in the animation world. Where can i check the fame size ?

I have tryed with one frame same result but maybe my images are too big."

You should use the features shown in this video to both check how big any particular frame in the animation would be and to potentially crop it and make it smaller.

If this doesn't resolve your issue then please zip up your entire spriter project (the .scml or .scon file and all images it uses) and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll see if I can find the cause of the problem.



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