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Spriter for Unity 5.0


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On 6/9/2015 at 6:00 AM, Mike at BrashMonkey said:

Hello again everyone.  I'm trying to get together a list of the features that are not yet support to help people avoid issues while importing Spriter projects.


So far it seems like:


1) pivot points edited on canvas instead of "default pivot points" (edited in the image files in the file palette) are not supported and therefor cause images to be misaligned once imported. (This is fairly easily avoided for most animation needs by only setting the default pivot point in your image files before dragging them onto the canvas)


2) Spriter files with multiple entities? (maybe I just don't know what I'm doing in this case, but when I imported the explosions scml from the Essentials Game Effects pack this got confusing for me.)


3) Skin mode sprites (the placeholder and unsupported feature which will be replaced in the future with a totally redone version)


4) Animations within animations (sub-entities)


Can anyone else report specific features that are not supported and therefore should currently be avoided?



-Mike at BrashMonkey

Hi There, new user here, I´m really looking forward to be able to use the skin mode and export to Unity, is there any updates about how is this implementation is doing? thanks!

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12 hours ago, SRod said:

Hi There, new user here, I´m really looking forward to be able to use the skin mode and export to Unity, is there any updates about how is this implementation is doing? thanks!

Deforming features will not be officially supported until Spriter 2, which will be a free upgrade for Spriter Pro owners, but it's still in early development, so is still a long way off.

While Skin mode has a couple known bugs and is not directly supported in any of the API's. It can still be useful if you use it as an in-between step to create sequential images which can then be added to a final animation in Spriter through the use of the image-swapping feature. I used this method to make the fluidly animated flags in the Dream Frontiers Pack.


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Ok so I thought I made this clear but uhhh... Maybe I should just spell his out. I'm not actively developing this thing anymore. I haven't been for quite a while. I originally just started it as a mental exercise project hoping that it would inspire others to contribute as well but so far I've only had a handful of pull requests or noticeable forks. I ended up running into a lot of problems and lacking outside input on the project just kind of made it... not fun.

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Well I do appreciate your hard work, and I am sure everyone else who has used your tool does as well. In my opinion it is almost perfect for what I need it for. I did not mean to annoy you with my request for help, I hope you understand. Just came up on this unforeseen problem after spending so many hours in spriter and was hoping someone else had the same problem but had already came up with a method for a work around. As of now though I think that spriter might not be the tool I needed it to be and will have to figure out another way or program that will allow me to make animations for unity. Thank you for your quick reply and the work you did on this unity package.  

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