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  1. Well I do appreciate your hard work, and I am sure everyone else who has used your tool does as well. In my opinion it is almost perfect for what I need it for. I did not mean to annoy you with my request for help, I hope you understand. Just came up on this unforeseen problem after spending so many hours in spriter and was hoping someone else had the same problem but had already came up with a method for a work around. As of now though I think that spriter might not be the tool I needed it to be and will have to figure out another way or program that will allow me to make animations for unity. Thank you for your quick reply and the work you did on this unity package.
  2. Hello, I was just wondering if dynamic reparenting will ever be added as a feature. This is really holding back my project and I cant figure out a work around... Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!
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