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Project Saving issues


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Hi MrSMile,


Sorry you're running into problems using Spriter, and as always with such show-stopper bugs, they instantly become our top priority once reported.   I truly can sympathize with your frustration and hope to help resolve the issues asap.


As for how others can use Spriter, the fact is that the vast majority of users are not running into these problems that you're having. It's an unfortunate fact of developing software that can run across countless OS variations and system/hardware configurations.  We can only resolve problems once we know they exist, and can only fix them quickly when we can faithfully recreate the problem.


For this reason, clear, concise bug reports are critical.  Please make sure to list your OS, Spriter version, and system configuration when reporting any issue, along with a step by step list of instructions for how to reproduce the problem.


As for getting responses, in my time-zone it is Sunday, and according to this forum system your first post was not that many hours ago.  I also don't see any emails from you to our support@brashmonkey.com email address or any of our other email addresses.  Please make sure to do so, especially with urgent issues to make sure you get our attention as quickly as possible (besides posting on the forums.)  And please forgive us taking more than a few hours if your issue is reported on a Sunday or when we happen to be asleep or with our families.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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