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Collision zone in Construct 2 and Spriter


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Salut hieronims,


J'ai cru comprendre que tu etais francais avec un autre post ?

En ce qui me concerne, je defini les zones de collisions dans construct directement. En revanche je sais que tu peux definir des points d'actions dans spriter pour construct, pour faire tirer des projectiles par exemple.

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@ jokderdeus, Points are directly supported in Construct 2 via the Spriter object.  I've answered the collision rectangle support in C2 Question here: http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3965-hitbox-functionality-in-contruct-2/#entry11980



The trick with Spriter's collision boxes in C2 is that the import converts them to regular C2 Sprites, but invisible.  You can check for overlaps or collisions directly with the sprites themselves, which will have the same names as the collision rectangles you had created in Spriter.



Mike at BrashMonkey

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