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Spriter B11. Early Adopter Sale ends soon. 1.0 release date.


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Hello everyone,

We're pleased to announce Spriter B11 is complete, and available for download now for PC, Linux, and Mac. Aside from a long list of bug fixes and general improvements, to recap for anyone who hasn't been keeping track of the Windows only B11 pre-releases, the major additions are Papagayo Lipsync support, full multi-bone IK, and visual waveforms in the timeline for sounds.

Spriter 1.0 release date & Early Adopter Sale ending soon

The official release date for Spriter 1.0 will be Tuesday, November 11th. The Early Adopter Sale also ends at 11:59PM EST November 11th. The full price of Spriter will be $59, and the Art Pack prices will be $75 each for the Platformer Packs, and $40 for the Effects Pack. The extremely powerful Essentials version of Spriter will continue to be free, and Pro users will continue to receive the Essentials versions of all of our first party Art Packs.

Beyond Spriter 1.0

After 1.0, reported bugs will continue to be fixed as the same rate as before. We have many more huge features (starting with animated sprite deformation) planned for Spriter after 1.0, which will be free updates for all Spriter Pro owners. Similarly, all future first party Art Packs will continue to have Essentials versions for all Spriter Pro owners.

After we've completed the deformation and another major not yet announced feature, we will switch priorities to full documentation of the Spriter data format, including an open source C++ Spriter implementation, which will include support for all Spriter features. Once this documentation and example code is complete, our priority will be to aid developers and communities finish full Spriter support on their respective libraries and/or authoring tools. In the meantime, if any developer is creating or wants to create an implementation, please feel free to contact me directly at lucid@brashmonkey.com

One last thing...

For Linux users who were experiencing library issues, we believe these are now fixed. Please let us know at support@brashmonkey.com if you are still having issues.

For Windows 8.1 users who were having issues with missing dlls, we believe we have a possible fix for that as well. Please see if installing this particular version of the MSVC redistributable fixes your issue. 64 bit Windows requires both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

32 bit Windows

64 bit Windows (requires both the 32 and 64 bit versions)

Please let us know in if this fixes the issue, and if so, I will look into automating the installation of the redistributable in a future build of Spriter.

Thank you everyone, enjoy the new build, and don't forget to spread the word to all of your animator and gamedev friends, the Spriter Early Adopter Sale ends in 2 weeks!

Spriter B11 Changelog (since B10)

Additions and Enhancements

    [*:1yw4int9]Improved constraint relaxation ik performance
    [*:1yw4int9]Changed shortcut for deletion on Mac from Delete to Backspace
    [*:1yw4int9]Made the loading progress bar appear quicker, and removed the unusable close and cancel buttons
    [*:1yw4int9]Added a progress bar for changing the default pivot point. (as it loops through all animations and compensates for the change)
    [*:1yw4int9]Added the ability to drag bones, points, and collision boxes from object palette.
    [*:1yw4int9]Added the ability to rename objects by double-clicking their names in the timeline.
    [*:1yw4int9]Add Papagayo LipSync import (pro only)
    [*:1yw4int9]Added time tooltip when hovering mouse over keyframes
    [*:1yw4int9]Second view now allows decimals for zoom levels for greater zoom granularity and less than 1x zoom
    [*:1yw4int9]Added Spacebar + Left Mouse click and drag shortcut to scroll second view
    [*:1yw4int9]Keys at the current time are now highlighted in the timeline widget
    [*:1yw4int9]Several optimizations throughout the software
    [*:1yw4int9]Timelines in the timeline view now highlight when the corresponding objects are hovered or selected
    [*:1yw4int9]Added visual display of waveforms for sounds in the timeline making it much more intuitive to synchronize animations to sound
    [*:1yw4int9]Sound scrubbing (pro only) is now less granular for less pops
    [*:1yw4int9]Sound playback (pro only) now immediately stops when an animation is stopped, when the mouse button is released while dragging the current time, and if the sound playback mode is switched to mute mid-playback
    [*:1yw4int9]Removed TempJson templates for TexturePacker as the latest TexturePacker release has Spriter templates.
    [*:1yw4int9]Autosaving now ensures Spriter remains responsive during saves.
    [*:1yw4int9]The autosave process now restarts if a change is made while saving.
    [*:1yw4int9]The status bar will now display autosave progress.
    [*:1yw4int9]Changed the timeline handle/current time indicator color to red for easier visibility
    [*:1yw4int9]Added full constraint relaxation IK. If you have no bones selected or one bone, and you hold shift while changing it's angle, you get the classic Spriter 2 bone IK (cosine triangulation IK). If you have 2 or more bones selected in a chain, holding shift will perform constraint relaxation on all of them allowing you to move more bones together at once.
    [*:1yw4int9]Added shortcut to select all of a bone's ancestors (it's parent, and it's parent's parent, etc, all the way to the root bone). Pressing Shift Z with one or more bones selected will select the ancestors. Spriter already supported pressing Z to select all of a bones descendants recursively.

Bug Fixes

    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where clicking in object properties created an undo even if no changes were made
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where double clicking out of a spritesheet back to the main directory opened up a null pivot point change dialog
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that prevented scml projects using spritesheets from loading all spritesheets
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where double-clicking on the timeline to place a new event, sound, variable, or tag wouldn't set to the correct (clicked) time when the timeline was zoomed in and scrolled
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where object names on the timeline weren't updated immediately when renamed from another widget
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that allowed animations to continue playing in the background during an export to 'png/gif' operation, which caused exported images to be out of order
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that allowed autosave to occur during loading and while editing default file data, resulting in a crash.
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that prevented autosaves from working for new projects that hadn't been manually saved (and named) yet. Now saves to NewProject.autosave.scml
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug with copy/paste where the image data for sprites wasn't getting copied when the paste was overwriting the data for a sprite already in frame
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug in the object palette where a dragged before the cursor left the window
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug in the object palette where a dragged object would remain visible if it was dropped before leaving the widget.
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that made it so changes to the length of the animation made while the 'import images as frames' dialogue was open wouldn't update the range of allowable values.
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where images in subfolders of subfolders wouldn't load properly or allow editing of pivot points
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that caused animation length stretches to not move all keys correctly under certain circumstances.
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed various bugs with copy/pasting ranging from some instances requiring multiple pastes before working properly to generating unneeded keys for certain pasting operations
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that made it so undocked character map and hierarchy widgets would not allow dragging
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a Mac specific bug that made it so an undocked z-order widget would not allow dragging
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a Mac specific bug where the program window would shift after loading a character
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where holding 'm' and click dragging to adjust the origin while not at 100% zoom would cause the view to scroll after releasing the button
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where holding 'm' and click dragging to adjust the origin would move Sub-Entities in the current frame along with the origin
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed several bugs where onion skins would disappear when they should remain on screen, and vice versa
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a flickering issue with onion skinning
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that could cause duplicate file entries for images in the root of the project. This would manifest itself as default pivot points being ignored under certain circumstances
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that would sometimes make the right click sprite image selector disappear before making a selection for child sprites at certain zoom levels
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where the rectangles for timelines displayed incorrectly after a zoom change in the timeline window
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where attempting to add more than one sound would result in the first sound being duplicated
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that allowed a key to be created at the same time as another Sound key
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where making a change in the canvas when the current time had a sound trigger would cause the sound to play back upon completing the change
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where pressing play wouldn't trigger sounds immediately if they were at the current time where playback began
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where exporting to PNG/GIF wouldn't take sub-entities into account when trimming the export rectangle
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on exit under certain circumstances when working with experimental feature Skins
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that would crash or incorrect display of skin controls when changing selection while using experimental feature Skins
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that saved additional references to tags after loading a project that already contained Tags. This version will also remove the extra references if you load a file saved with this bug the next time you save.
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that caused drag and dropping to function incorrectly when moving a selection of multiple objects with different root bones
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug that caused cloned objects to shift to the origin when cloned by holding control and dragging the selected objects
    [*:1yw4int9]Fixed a bug where Character Maps weren't using the correct pivot points for mapped sprites

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the update. Seems like this bug his still in b11 for OS X (yosemite)

Fixed a bug that made it so undocked character map and hierarchy widgets would not allow dragging

Was wondering why I couldn't drag the character map as per the tutorial and saw your bug fix. Docked it and work perfect now. (but not undocked)

Hope this helps. Cheers.

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