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  1. Hi guys, just looking to show off our project we are pushing on Kickstarter. All character animations are made from Spriter!! If you feel like it's a nice project don't hesitate to back us! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ipnossoft/ben-and-lea-interactive-adventures http://benandlea.com Brian Designer / Animator
  2. I have this box I created on my animation for my hit zone. When I go and try to rename the said box created it changes to let say: Hit_000 or Hit_001 or Hit_002 When I put a space at the end the box doesn't have anything appended to it.
  3. Unfortunately, it was a fresh install on my machine, so there were no preferences to delete. The good news is that the latest build you provided does launch! However, I'm running into some strange graphical corruption issue: It happens if I create a new project or load up an existing one. Yes my workmate happens to be running on this also on his macbook pro retina. I never had this on my mac pro 2014. Could be a video card issue. What is your computer and card?
  4. b10 and b11 we're working for me on OS X yosemite. Maybe he could trash his preferences if any are created Hint: com.yourcompany.Spriter.plist
  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for the update. Seems like this bug his still in b11 for OS X (yosemite) Was wondering why I couldn't drag the character map as per the tutorial and saw your bug fix. Docked it and work perfect now. (but not undocked) Hope this helps. Cheers.
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