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Spriter B6.1 released!


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b6.1 hotfix (12/8/13) :

    [*:xkrtlrdt]fixed a crash that would occur when changing animations when an object was selected that wasn't in the new animation

Hi everyone, We're happy to announce the official release of Spriter version B6. For those who have already been testing the pre-release version, you already know the new features introduced since b5, however this update also offer a few bug-fixes, increased stability and significantly improved performance over the last pre-release.
Download B6 here
Here's the full change log since version B5:
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added collision boxes
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added actions points
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added easing curves
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added export project (animation data and images) to new size
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added .scon save (json equivalent of scml)
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added batch conversion between scml and scon
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to import other projects into current project
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added reload images button, for when an image is changed outside of Spriter while the project is already loaded in Spriter
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added extra options to default pivot points to easily choose any corner or the center
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added sound
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to copy and paste default pivot points
    [*:xkrtlrdt]bones now default to scale being 1.0 when at their originally drawn length.
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability change the default size of a bone or collision box by holding shift and double clicking the object
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to move an entire animation relative to the (0,0) axis - hold M while dragging the canvas background
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to save project to a new size (resizing animations and images) - option under 'File|Other File Options...'
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to copy z-order to all frames - under the edit menu
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added ability to hide timelines in the timeline widget (right click on the names)
    [*:xkrtlrdt]Spriter now creates "missing image" files for images removed from your project
    [*:xkrtlrdt]added first experimental feature 'Skins' (test future features and give feedback while features are in alpha)
    [*:xkrtlrdt]made it easier to create very short bones
    [*:xkrtlrdt]several performance optimizations
    [*:xkrtlrdt]pivot points now use the reparenting technique to shift location. This was requested by several animators who thought tweened pivot points were unintuitive in their motion
    [*:xkrtlrdt]fixed several issues with the saving of reparenting
    [*:xkrtlrdt]fixed a bug where under certain circumstances deleting a mainline key would leave the associated timeline keys behind

Please visit our youtube channel for tutorials on new features, and please report any bugs in the B6.1 bug thread.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy the new build!

Edgar at BrashMonkey

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