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I hope you guys can release B6 asap. Since I think most of us are waiting for it, especially Construct 2 plugins that support CocoonJS and etc. Most of us can`t really take the risk on using something that we can't really test on final product.


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I'm also getting a little worried over here.

No regular updates via twitter, no devblog, no communication with the customers whatsoever.

No way for people like me to find out about the current state of development. Unless we take it upon ourselves to ask you directly, which we really shouldn't have to do. At least put the current version number up on the front page (instead of writing "latest beta") so we don't have to check the forums every two hours.

Over the years I've really gotten used to Ashley's (Construct dev) level of commitment. Maybe I'm expecting too much of you guys? I don't know. I'm sure you're both working like crazy every day, but keeping us a little less in the dark sure would be nice.

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Not dead yet. Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Still working on B6. Apologize for the long delay after the teaser. Just doing my best to get all the new things working as well as possible in time for release. I'm holding off on an ETA until we're in final internal testing. I know we're behind the last estimate, which is exactly why I'd like to avoid giving another ETA and jump the gun. The good news is, this release has almost every remaining pro feature, which we've done for a number of reasons, but should definitely prevent another delay like this again. We're doing everything we can to make this release as awesome as possible, and these new features are game changers for what's possible with Spriter. Thanks for your patience everyone, and I'll try to check in more often, but I usually hesitate when the only thing I have to say is 'still working on it'.

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