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  1. @Roccinio that's really great news! Thanks for the update :) I used Spriter for a while now but didn't have the chance to try UE4 yet until now, my computer was not good enough, but now it's big time and I can't wait to try Spriter animations in UE4 as soon as it will be possible :) @BrashAdmin we're counting on you guys! :p Karim
  2. KFII

    End of year update

    Hey Brashmonkey guys, Congrats for all your achievements in 2014, you're doing a fantastic job with Spriter (as usual : ) I just wanted to thank you again for all your efforts and continuous development. Hoping that 2015 will be your best year ever, and wishing you and everybody (admins/fellow users) a happy new year too : ) :cool: Karim.
  3. Hi @lucid I posted the same info on the Spriter thread on C2 forum But just wanted to post here as well just in case you see it first here: (using C2 r163 stable and latest Spriter B7 + plugin from 14-04-2014, Win 7 64 bits): There's still the delay between the scml object position and the player box's position (with platform behaviour) So even when you do this: Every tick : Set scml object position to another object: playerbox The delay is still existing, I tried pinning behaviour but problem remains the same. Thanks in advance! Karim
  4. @Tombmonkey: thanks, I'll try that again and see if it resolves the issue. @lucid: I'm sure you'll catch the little thing that's causing the deactivation when a project is opened or created, thanks for looking into the issue : ) Note: just like Tombmonkey said: the issue never happened in Spriter B 5 or earlier. Karim
  5. Hey there, I installed B 5 92_5 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit; and I still have the "activate pro" problem when I open a file, I even tried just creating a new file in the new Spriter before doing anything, but the problem persists. Whatodo? Also: I'm really curious: what type of OS are others using to not have the "Activate Pro" issue once a file is opened in Spriter? I even wonder if a majority of users don't even check that... in any case, am just curious : ) thanks in advance for any help. Karim
  6. Also, If anyone running Windows 7 wants to unlock the built-in hidden Elevated Administrator account in Windows 7, just follow the steps from this article, the first option (method) worked for me : ) http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/50 ... sable.html
  7. Hello, Here's what I tried today: I simply activated the highest level of administration "Elevated" in Windows 7 64 bits (which is the hidden elevated Administrator that has the 100% full control over the computer.) So I uninstalled Spriter B 5.999991, reinstalled it, and by starting the soft the activation seems to be already there, but opening a file negates the activation again, and no matter how many times I activate again, the message keeps being "Activate Pro"... This may mean it is not related to Windows 7 user restrictions etc. After that, I installed Spriter B5 and it has no issue for activation (since I activated it before the activation was still saved) and it works cool both in elevated administrator session as well as in the "standard" user session. So it may be more related to the B 5.999991 version I guess. I was wondering: would it be possible to make the activation work just like in Construct 2? A simple text file that's added to the installation folder? In any case, I hope it can be fixed in the next release, I will also test on a Windows XP laptop and report back. Thanks again Brashmonkey, keep up the great work! : ) Karim
  8. Hi Mike! Thanks for your replies and your time. To answer your questions: 1- Running Spriter as Administrator: I just ran it as Administrator, still can't activate pro once a file is opened 2- If I'm on a network of somekind: yes I found i'm on connected to a "Public" network, this was certainly made when I tried to connect another Win 7 computer with my current one. But my current computer is totally offline for now, these days. (I mean no Internet and no other cable.) 3- Anti-malware/antivirus used: Currently I don't think I'm using any particular anti-malware except Avast antivirus. For this occasion I deactivated it for one hour, and deactivated all the Windows 7 firewall protections (there were two firewall protection parameters active), just to see if any is the cause, and so I tried again launching Spriter as Administrator, and I still have the same impossibility to activate Spriter when I open a file. I also feel something may be possible to do for Administrator rights and stuff, will continue trying even if I'm not particularly savvy with Win 7 : ) Meanwhile if you have any suggestions I could try, then just tell me and I'd test it, thanks for your help Mike : )
  9. A second bug that always happened in B 5.999991 (Win 7 64bit): Whenever I try to drag and drop an animation from an entity to another, then click once anywhere on the animations palette/side bar: Spriter crashes. Or if it doesn't crash yet (didn't click yet on anything on the animations sidebar/palette): saving the file doesn't save that change of moving an animation to another entity section. (Two entities being used, entity_000 and entity_001) After the install of yesterday (Spriter B 5.999991) I was able to import another Scml project created previously in Spriter B3 or B4 on a different computer (Win 7 32bit) into another Scml created also in the same former conditions. But today I can no longer do any importing (certainly because Pro activation is no longer possible to save?) Construct2 plugin: For the Scml C2 plugin from 11-16-2013: setting the position of the Scml to a platform Sprite object i C2 works cool: it only has a kind of slight delay, as if the Spriter object is pinned to the C2 Sprite object with the pinning set as "rope style." I tried to pin the Scml to the C2 Sprite to see if there was a difference: the result is exactly the same, and another C2 user told me he got the same result. I hope this can be fixed next time, I'm already excited that the plugin works now and animations are rather easy to shift, I just hope I can edit the animation entities again in Spriter without crashing, thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Hey everyone! First I'd like to say thank you to Brashmonkey (Mike, Edgar and anyone else involved) for continuing to amaze us with great new features in Spriter : ) Bugs I encountred: Same problem as Mediadi; using Windows 7 64 Bit version: activation of the Pro is not saved. It wasn't definitive right from the start: yesterday: sometimes it was saved, & sometimes it wasn't. I had to reactivate whenever I opened a file (former Scml file updated in B 5.999991) or simply Spriter itself. I have one single version of Spriter istalled on the computer. Today (which is technically after having restarted the PC) I can no longer activate Spriter when I open a Scml or Scon file: when Spriter is opened the activation status looks ok "Pro activated," and as soon as I open a file, I find that I need to activate Spriter again, only this time it doesn't save, not even within the same instance session of Spriter, (as I said yesterday I could sometimes keep the activation ok.) Win 7 administrator rights are in the way maybe? otherwise how to fix it temporarily? Thanks in advance : )
  11. Thanks bwwd, yeah that's true. The weird thing in my first experience with animating it, is that even when I "felt" the problem, fixing it was not immediately evident, as for this time, the character needs more time in the air, because as it is right now it feels like it's glued to a strong gravity. I wanted to think that the reason was that it has four arms, lol, but now that I think of it it's not logical, because it would help the character gain even more time in the air : ) So yeah next time I'll use more realistic animation frameworks based on observed (real world) models, at least for inspiration : )
  12. Hey Mike, This first user manual looks great! I like its simplicity and design, and pics are super clear, so thank you for all your efforts! :) Also if possible, please offer a downloadable version, either HTML or PDF, as I loose Internet very often these days, I downloaded all the manual page per page, and will certainly download every version of it as soon as it's available, so thank you again and keep up thank great work! :)
  13. Hello dimakoles, You missed one example that's on the homepage of Spriter's website: http://www.brashmonkey.com: on the left sidebar at the last round rectangle, there's a downloadable example, here's the link again: http://www.brashmonkeygames.com/spriter ... onster.zip
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