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  1. I tried using Sprited Animation, and have spriter now working for Orthello2d inside of Unity3d. Thanks for the plug-in. It's been a great help from your side. I will keep this page as bookmarked for my future reference. ****powered backups****
  2. Thanks for sharing the User's Manual for Spriter. It is indeed a great help for the new users like me. I do agree it is hard to understand; still the user manual is very helpful for the new users. I have to go through the whole manual to see whether this makes things easier.
  3. I have a friend who was working with a graphic design company. He resigned his job to learn some advanced course and he is looking for another job now. I guess he does have all the quality you are looking for. Can you share your contact details here, I will ask him to call you or e-mail you. Thanks Chris www.outlookemailhelps.com
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