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Keyframe Per Every bone?


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Is there a way (or is there a way) to set Spriter to not make a keyframe for Every bone in the object every time you position one bone?

It makes animating an individual bone set ( ie front leg) and working in passes or adding secondary animation after the fact all but impossible (or at least exercises in frustration).

And it would be really great to be able to just select and adjust/move/delete keyframes for selected bones in a keyframe.

Perhaps an expanded timeline view like this would be possible?


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hi gasmask,

Sorry, there's no solid ETA for the next release, but Edgar is making very good and steady progress. For the most up to date information please see this thread:


I also completely agree how important this (any a few other features not quite in yet in fact). But this and a few other great features are in this next build.

Thanks again everyone for your patience.

In case anyone missed the details explaining the prolonged wait for thi next release, please see here:


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